Florist Frustrations - Venting!

Let me start by saying that IMO flowers are a necessary evil for weddings.  We need to have some form of decoration, and flowers are nice, but I can not wrap my brain around the cost.  I always (not just for the wedding) think that flower arrangements are a big waste of money because they just die and there is nothing left to show.  I'd rather have supermarket roses that look pretty for a week, and when they die, it doesn't matter because they were only 10 bucks anyway.

So, I've been procrastinating and now finally am getting down to finding a florist.  The first one I met with never got back to me with a quote so I've pretty much decided to move on rather than chase her down (and yes, she had my phone and email contact info).  I've been in contact with a second florist, and I'm just not feeling it.

I wanted to buy the feather centerpieces and do them myself, but my venue won't do much decorating so I don't have anyone to set them up on tables.  Fortunately for me, my mom has offered to pay for the flowers (so I wont be as stingy with money) but I still just can't get into it.

How do I get over this mental block???

Re: Florist Frustrations - Venting!

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    I would just look at pictures of centerpieces you like, bring in pictures, say you want it to stay under x amount, and have them come up with a look for you.

    Dom Graziano's was great... they set up moc's for us when we went in, and really helped with what flowers to use etc.

    If you show them pictures and tell them colors, ask to see a moc up and if you like it, just go with that. Don't stress about it... esp. if it's something you don't really care about.

    Even if you did get a centerpiece that lasted, what would you do with 15-20 sets of the same thing, may it be candles or water with plants inside or whatever... you could sell, but if you aren't paying for it anyway, just get something that looks nice and matches with what you like in pictures you see.
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    I decided to keep florals as a minimal part of the budget overall. Since there were no attendants, the only flowers I purchased were my bouquet, a few bouts, mother's flowers, witness flowers and the Virgin Mary flowers. We did no florals at our reception, and they weren't missed. Instead we used candles and they looked great.

    It's frustrating when you reach out to potential vendors and receive no response. Brittany at Petal's Lane is great if you are looking for other options. GL!
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    I would call a few more places, and go with the one you click with most on the phone and then let him/her just take over for you so you can stop stressing.   I hear good things about petals lane, and I personally used Alicia at il fiore bianco - once she knew what my concept was, I didn't really do much of anything else and just let her do her thing.
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    I had the same issues pretty much. The first florist, a friend of my aunts, never got backed to me. So I cut her quick. I believe I talked to two more florist before we picked ours. And the crazy thing was that, we wound up using the florist that our venue uses. I should have looked there first.  And now  we're getting a 10% discount, for using them. It will work out. Give them a budget and ask them to make you up something.

    I agree that if flowers are not a biggie for you, than use minimal flowers and try to incorporate candles. People will probably even take them home at the end of the reception. That way they wont go to waste. GL
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    I should mention that I'm a neurotic, organized person, so I really have trouble letting go of the reigns on this.  I'm open to suggestions from the florist of course, because they're the experts.

    I was going to do candle centerpieces, but the venue we chose just needs something more IMO.  I had the candles all planned out too!  Now I'm going in the direction of using feathers instead of overdoing flowers.

    Thanks for the encouragement!  Hopefully I'm a little calmer and clear headed after the new year! 
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    I have the same exact thoughts about flowers.  I feel like it's a big, huge waste of money and I can't wrap my head around spending SO much money on something that dies in a day.  I also decided against flower centerpieces because I refuse to pay for something that won't last!  I think we are doing candles or something NOT floral - they may not last, but at least they aren't expensive.  I would like nice bouquets for me and my girls, but I'll be laying down the budget immediately when I go to the florist.  I keep procrastinating with the flowers - I just don't want to deal with it!
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    I feel the same about flowers.  My one friend skipped the centerpieces and didn't put anything in the tent she had set up as the bar/dance space.  I didn't even notice until recently when I was trying to remember the flowers at different weddings I went to.  I honestly can't remember any of them from any wedding which made me decide to use as little as possible to minimize the expense.  For our tables I found three teir candle holders at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I ordered them through the store.  My FML saed her 20% coupons you get in the maikl every week so I went back to the store and they re-rang up the order taking 20% off each candle holder.  I plan keeping a set, giving sets to whoever wants them and then selling the rest on craig's list or something because maybe another bride will want them.  They have a fall theme.
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    MH, since you are in DE (right?), I highly recommend you check out Belak's on Philadelphia Pike.  Both Tonysgurl and I used her, and Barb is wonderful to deal with.  I wasn't feeling flowers either, and she actually made me excited about mine.  Plus, she wasn't overpriced like many are. 

    I am very serious about checking her out; she travels, so I would check her out no matter where you are getting married.  If you want more details or descriptions, page Tonysgurl or me, and we would be more than happy to help you.  I think very highly of Barb, and can easily see her becoming, by far, my favorite vendor to work with.  I know Tonysgurl feels the same way.
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