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August 2010 Weddings


So I had a meeting with my caterer/coordinator at my venue to pick out linens today.....and it was so much fun! I could not believe how happy tablecloths and napkins could make me! I've been really stressed about picking BM dresses to fit everyones needs (size for a larger BM who is also having a baby 2-4 weeks before the wedding, budget, personal preferences, etc) that I was kind of stressed about making more decisions, but it was actually really enjoyable and easy. My caterer brought me tons of samples in my color scheme, I narrowed it down quickly and then we looked at all the options I liked in the rooms where they will be used and played with combinations until I saw what I liked. I guess what made if more fun and relaxed was I got to pick whatever I liked and didn't have to worry about making other people happy.

Anyway I'm super excited about my linens and thought I'd share. I'm using several different ones in different places, but I'm most excited about a beautiful deep purple/plum damask for our sweetheart table and cake table. 

Has anyone else picked linens yet? Did you find it as exciting as I did? Am I crazy?

Re: Linens!!

  • Yay! Congrats! That is a pretty purple!

    FI and I are soo boring! We're going to use black table linens to contrast with the white dishes. Our centerpieces will be some color variation of white and burgundy. I'm going to somehow throw in some polka dots, probably use polka dot ribbon in the centerpieces.
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    omg! we're days away!
  • ooo i love the purple damask linens!  great choice.

    FI and I picked out our linens just last weekend.  its so fun!  i wanna go back =)

    here's what we picked (purple pintuck):

    i'm having 2nd thoughts though.  i guess that's my excuse to go back ;)
  • Those look pretty! I think we'll start picking out decor stuff in Jan. after this bridal show that we're going to at the venue. We're probably just doing black too, but the room we're using looks amazing in black.

    On a side note, I never would have guessed how stressful Bridesmaid dresses are. No one warned me about the bridesmaidzilla. This has become by far my least favorite part of the wedding and I can totally understand why some brides forget them altogether.
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  • I need to pick out mine in January....I am also very excited, but a little worried about the cost. I am thinking of just doing white table cloths with pink runners to cut down on the cost -- but we shall see!
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    Yeah, I tried not to ask too much about the costs, because I didn't want the costs giving me 2nd thoughts! For the guest tables in the ballroom I knew I wanted satin and I knew they were more expensive than cotton poly but I almost didn't even ask just how much more expensive, because I knew I couldn't go with the cotton poly (I'm our space they just don't cut it). It was about $20 a table more for the satin which is actually a lot of money, so we decided to do the cotton poly for the cocktail hour (for 6 highboys it saves us over $120, which about covers my makeup) because guests will only see those tables for an hour, and that space can handle the look of the cotton poly better than the ballroom.

    Talalani, those are beautiful! Are you going to have the whole place setting with the plate and the charger and everything? I would have loved that but couldn't spend the money on it. Your setting looks really nice.
  • manditchka24 -- yeah, we're going with most of those in the photo (minus the crystal beaded votives - they're pretty but too expensive). 

    besides the linens and glasses, everything else were standard.  i bought the silver chargers from a local knottie for 50 cents each.  maybe you can find a former bride selling their used chargers on your local board?  then you can re-sell them after your wedding!

    i know its kinda tough to pay the extra $$ for linen upgrades =/  i'm sure NO ONE would care/notice that we have specialty linens!
  • Thanks for the idea Talalani, I'll have to check that out! Maybe I'll get lucky.
  • i love that you ladies are having so much fun picking out linens...this is what i do for a job, i work at a party rental place...a few hints:

    if you are watching budgets, do expensive linens on your speciality tables (cake, head table, family tables)...those are what people will see and will remember the most

    some places have the same prices for each linen in any color, our pricing is according to fabric and size but any color is the same price within that bracket (example, a 120" white polyester is the same price as the 120" hot pink polyester)

    adding a chair sash or runner is an easy way to add color on your table, chair sashes are usually less expensive and are just 5" less wide than a runner but are the same legnth

    do not use all white on your cake table...it will make your pictures kinda blur together...your in a white dress with a white cake and a white linen will just look like a sea of white...break up your table with some color and maybe a sheer white overlay or white on bottom and a color overlay...

    feel free to bounce  off any questions off me that you may have about rentals...i am a great source of information (or so they tell me :)
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