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Has anyone used Clair Pruett for their wedding...more specifically at Normandy Farms? any reviews would be appreciated :)

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    edited December 2011
    No personal experience with them, but I stayed away because they are more of a "wedding factory" photography company and you get little say over the actual photographer you deal with for the day.  I've heard mixed things.  I was married at Normandy Farm and used Doug Burns of Candid Moments Photography.  He was actually less money than the comparable Clair Pruett package I saw at Normandy's open house and his tlaent, skill, and photos just blew me away.  Photos in my bio.
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    I would NOT recommend them. 

    My cousin used them for her wedding, and we were appalled at the behavior of the photographers.  First, when we first arrived and saw her and all of us waved to her (she was getting outside family photos taken), the one photog told us (and others) to not wave or say anything to her because it was distracting her, and the photos were more important. 

    Then, and this is what blew us away, during the entire ceremony, the two photogs were not only at the very front so the guests have quite a bit of trouble seeing anything because they were in the way, but they were yelling at each other the entire time!  Yelling at each other to get out of the way, I want this shot, I missed this shot because you were in the way, even cursing in front of the guests during the ceremony.  My mother turned to me and said "If your photog does that at your wedding, I will drag them out by their ears.  How disrespectful!"

    Her photos were okay, but she had to pay extra for alot of stuff.  IMO, you could find one for a better price that does comparable or better work.
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