AW: Tasting! (and a review - long)

So, yesterday's tasting was almost a minor disaster due to snow.  But we all got there, and had a great time!
For any girls considering the Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ, hopefully this helps.
At the tasting, we had TONS of food.  We tried a sample of cold appetizers (cheese, cold meat like pepperoni, crackers, and grapes), and a plate of hot appetizers (fried mac n cheese, chicken cordon blue bite, spring rolls, pigs in a blanket, coconut shrimp, quiche within ham, and chicken dumplings).  My favorite was the quiche, FI loved the coconut shrimp.
We then had salad, which was a very large portion. It was excellent - spring greens with cranberries, candied walnuts, grape tomatoes, blue cheese in a ranch dressing.  It also had shrimp (which I did not have, as I am allergic).
We then tried a lot of entrees!
Two types of chicken:-Florentine - breaded cutlet with spinach, tomato, and mozarella with a tomato sauce-Gardenier -  grilled, bone-in, stuffed with spinach and veggies  and boursin cheese topped with lemon pesto)Both came with a side of mashed potatoes.   
2 fish dishes:-Pan fried tilapia with lemon sauce-Chilean Sea bass with a tomato puree with rice.  
2 meat dishes:-Prime rib -Filet mignon with mushroom sauceBoth had sides of roasted potatoes and asparagus.  
We also tried 3 vegetarian dishes, as we have a lot of vegetarians coming.. -Pasta in a vodka sauce with veggies (peppers, onions, and broccoli).   -Vegetable Wellington, which was a puff pastry filled with veggies with a tomato sauce.   -Vegetable cannelloni stuffed with lots of veggies and doused in cheese and a tomato basil sauce.  
Lastly, the gave us a dessert of chocolate mousse.
Overall, the food was fantastic.  I loved the filet, which will probably be what I order for myself!  We're also thinking of the sea bass, gardinier chicken, and cannelloni.  They told us we can tweak anything (different sauces or cheeses or whatever).  We may ask if they can do boneless chicken instead of bone in.  I feel like bone-in is annoying.
They were very nice about us being over an hour late due to the weather.
So far, great reviews for the Merion!  Next up is our cake tasting next month!!!
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