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August 2010 Weddings

AW: FI graduated law school! & WR news

Friday FI graduated from Rutgers Newark Law School!! Yay :) 

This is me with FI & his family. It kinda stinks b/c they had to give that whole outfit back immediately after he graduated! If you don't they charge you like $50/day...

Later we went to apply for our marriage license b/c it was the only day before the wedding we will have someone around to be our witness & we could get to the registrar before 3pm. The best part was we found these pamphlets there...

Oh & I def. suggest calling the registrar before you go so you know exactly what you need. We brought the form typed up, we had our SS cards, birth certificates, licenses & exact cash -- we were in & out in 5 minutes. We can go back any time the month prior to the wedding to pick it up but anyone can pick it up. :) 

Re: AW: FI graduated law school! & WR news

  • Congrats!
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  • Congrats to your FI!  And yay for the marriage license -  I can't wait to get ours.  It makes things seem more real to me!
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  • Woohoo! Congrats to your FI for graduating and awesome on the marriage license!
  • Awesome pamphlet.  :)

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  • Congrats to FI on graduating! What an accomplishment. I bet you are so proud of him. That's great about the marriage license! You needed a witness? 

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  • lol i love the pamphlets! how do you NOT know how to use your dryer "safely" or "effectively" lol
  • aweilbaaweilba member
    Congrats to your FI on graduating law school!  What an awesome accomplishment!
  • yep you need one when you go for your application to sign off on you are who you say you are, etc.
  • Congrats to you and FI! Rutger's law school is no joke lol

    I hope where we go for our marriage license has those same pamphlets! I can't believe i've been operating one this whole time without being informed!!!
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