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August 2010 Weddings

I really need...

to STOP stalking my registry!!!! It was fun in the beginning when things were being purchased...but over the past few weeks its come to a stand still. It's kinda depressing...and then I feel bad for getting down about things not being purchased on my registry b/c it's obviously NOT about the gifts. Which leads me to think..."You really have to STOP checking your registry almost on a daily basis!"...but wouldn't you know the next day rolls around and guess who's back to stalking the registry! It's a VICIOUS cycle!!! SOMEONE STOP THE INSANITY!!!!! :)
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Re: I really need...

  • aweilbaaweilba member
    Haha I know the feeling!  I'm trying not to look, but I'll think of something that we forgot to add and hop on to add it, but then I just end up looking.  Not a good habit to get into and I really wish I hadn't started it!
  • Oh but I got so excited today when I found a few more things had been purchased! Mine was having a very slow start!
  • Who are we kidding?  It's like Christmas time....I often stalk twice a day right about now...who's psycho???  Oh wait...c'est moi!
  • I know! My stalking is out of control too! I feel like its an addiction you have to hide! lol  I was checking stuff online yesterday and my FI was sitting next to me and it took all my will power not to check BB&B b/c i knew he'd yell at me  lol   we have a problem ladies
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  • i definately checked everyday up until one week before the shower. most of the things were gone so i had an idea of what i was getting. the funny part is FI checked it everyday too. he even said he was kind of excited to see how much stuff was bought. he's so cute
  • i started checking every day this week. part of the reason i keep looking is becuase i need to know how much i need to add. we're only registered for ~45 items and i'm not sure how much people are going to buy. my parents bought 5 items for us and only one other item has been bought. with our engagement party coming up in less than 2 weeks, i don't want it to be sparce. my shower is also not until the end of july, so i need to make sure there's plenty for that too. i just can't think of anything else to register for!
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