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August 2010 Weddings

The pressure is on!

So now that I am about 2 months out everyone is telling me "It's SO close", but I still tell myself it  is far away -- for my own sanity.

Then at FI's graduation dinner FMIL tells me she wants grandkids by the time she is 60 -- I asked her when that was & she told me 2 years....my response was "Good luck". Luckily FFIL reminded her that they were married 5 years before they had any kids lol. 

So now I'm starting to get nervous about all the things that need to get done....eek!!

Re: The pressure is on!

  • aweilbaaweilba member
    Ah, I totally know how you feel right now!  On top of the wedding, FI and I have just started house hunting, and I have to write 3 curriculums for my new classes next year!  I honestly don't know how it's all going to get done by August, so I keep telling myself that 67 days is really a lot of time and it'll all get done, yet people keep reminding me that it's "so so close."
  • Don't get nervous... but... don't fool yourself into thinking you have tons of time... You are SO close! lol. But you'll be okay. I know you've got a lot done already. :)
  • To make myself feel a little bit better about the amount of time left I go and lurk on the June/July 2010 boards. It makes me feel like I've really gotten a lot done and I stress less. You'll be fine and everything will get done. :)
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  • I don't know how many conversations I've had with my mother already about grandchildren. Everyone seems to be relatively excited about the wedding, with at least 10 people tell me they are 'trying to lose weight' before it. I don't have a whole lot left to do, right now I'm twiddling my thumbs and waiting for responses!
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  • We just passed the 90 day mark.  I'm so jealous of you girls with early Aug weddings.  I'm getting so ansy about it, and I just want it to be here already.  I've gotten to the point of "if it ain't done by now, screw it".  :)

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