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Can I DIY invites?

I really love beautiful custom pocketfold invites and realize that the only way I can afford them is to DIY. I'm pretty crafty and enjoy crafts. I have done a lot of research into it, and I really think I can do it. However, everyone (FI, MOH, other friends) is telling me not to do it and its getting discouraging.

I ordered samples from paperandmore.com and everything would already be cut to size and pocketfolds would be constructed. So all I would have to do is design, print, and assemble. My FI works in electronic media (TV mostly) and has access to photoshop, etc and has design experience. He could technically design them, but he seems to be concerned about being "responsible" if I don't like how they come out. I found a designer on Etsy who will provide us with digital images for the whole set for a reasonable price which we would then just have to get printed (or potentially print on my home printer, which I am currently playing with).

FI keeps telling me he will "just get me the money" to have custom invites made, but I don't really want to spend that kind of money on invites (plus there are plenty of other places I could spend that money, and I'm not really sure we can afford it). Additionally, I kind of WANT to do them myself.

Sorry for the rant, I'm just getting frustrated that no one seems to be supporting my decision to even attempt DIY invites. We'll see what happens once I get the samples and play a little more. I just need some encouragement, and to hear from other brides who are DIY invites.

Re: Can I DIY invites?

  • You can do it.  I say that you can do it.

    As an art student, I feel your need to tackle a project with your creative hands.  I felt the same way about the save-the-dates, and I'll be designing and printing our invitations with the help of my illustrator friend/BM.  The same girl with whom I share inspirational chants in times of need.  They go something like this:

    "You can do it.  You know why?  Because you're Manditchka24."  You have to say it really defiantly, in order to get the full effect.
  • you can absolutely do them yourself.

    If the money is there to pay the etsy designer and all you have to do is assemble, thats hardly doing them yourself anyway, so use your craftiness to your advantage. It will feel very rewarding once they are done, and you can say, I did these!

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  • You can do it!!!
    We are designing, printing and assembling our own and we are by no means crafty.
  • It's time consuming, but I try to sit down for a few hours every Sunday and work on the pocketfolds and other invitation parts while FI is having his "boys' time."  As long as you're dedicated to putting in the time, you don't necessarily have to be super-crafty, especially if an Etsy seller is making the design for you.  You can definitely do it!
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  • Thank you all for the encouraging words and advice! I am going to at least attempt it! Its still early enough that if the mock ups are not turning out how I want I can still decide to order something instead. Even though I will lose a little money at least I will know I tried! I have my boards exam for my PT license this week so I have to focus on that for a few days, but hopefully my paper samples will be here after that and I can get to work! I'm really excited to try it!

    JessNlane: thanks for the advice regarding 8.5x11 paper for professional printers. That is one of the questions I have been trying to research to help determine how this whole process will work. Your invites in your bio look great! Did you print them yourself? I have some more playing to do with my printer, but so far it does pretty well with smaller size papers, because it is a "photo" printer.
  • Do it!!  I recently got a book (DIY Bride?) with instructions for pocketfold invites.  It looks really simple and if you're crafty you should have no problem.  I can't wait to see pix of how they turn out!
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