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August 2010 Weddings

Guest List Drama

So when we first got engaged FI & I created our guest list & showed it to both parents for their approval. They gave us their approval. My BM graciously offered to make invites & has been pretty much done with them for a couple months now. Well I just ordered & got in all my STDs & NOW my mom tells me we need MORE invites made. This creates more than one problem....

1. I have to ask my BM who was happy to be done with the invites to make more (I hope she doesn't hate me!)

2. I have to see if Papyrus even sells the ribbon I used with my invites any more

3. The people she added I have met like 2x in my entire life!!!!!!!! One person I never met. I am pretty sure she told them they were invited w/out asking me first.

I just don't know how to handle this -- I e-mailed my mom telling her that idk if my BM will want to make more & I have to call Papyrus about the ribbon, not even mentioning who she decided to add. I didn't received a response, but I'm seeing her later today -- I will let you know how it goes...

OH & now Idk if I should order more STDs or just send them to immediate family & OOT guests, not everyone on the guest list like I planned...

Re: Guest List Drama

  • I think you should talk to your Mother first about why she would like to invite these people.  Maybe she hasn't spoken to them yet and you can talk her out of it.
    Otherwise they might just have to have slightly different invites!

    We are sending Save the Dates to everyone on the guest list.
  • talalanitalalani member
    edited November 2009
    i don't think you should buy more STD's just for those additional people.  isn't it more expensive per piece if you don't buy them in bulk?  its already enough that you're going to have to ask your BM to make more invites.

    also, are your parents paying for the wedding?  if not, i would tell my mom "sorry, they don't make the cut".  and even if your parents are paying for the wedding, i think you and your FI should still have some sort of  say on who and who isn't being invited.

    sorry, just my 2 cents!  good luck!
  • Skip the STDs and get a box of invites from Michaels if you HAVE to include these people.
  • i agree. they dont have to have the official invitation - it can be different. and we are only sending std's to family, friends, and oot guests.... not everyone on the list is getting one - my parents are inviting thier friends to the wedding. their friends are not getting a std - i think ive met them once or twice in my life
  • OMG!!  I had the same friggin drama but with my FMIL this weekend!  Please let us know how this goes.  I agree with pp that you and FI should have the final say.  That's at least the stand that I'm taking on it!.

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