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August 2010 Weddings

STD Help

FI and I want to buy our STD's soon.  We're going for a San Francisco theme and found three pretty cool ones.  Unfortunately, I can't decide on which one looks best!  Undecided  Which one do you girls like the best?

Argh, I like them all.  Anyways, any input would be appreciated!  TIA!

Re: STD Help

  • I like the first one the best. It seems to be the cutest and the heart on the makes it seem sweet and romantic.
  • besides San Francisco as a theme, is it formal or casual? 

    I really love the first one.

  • They all have a different feel to them.
    The first one is more cute and whimsical.
    The second I'd say is a little more formal
    and the third is has a more modern feel to it.
    Im with you I like them all! :)
    The first one is so fun though! Ah, I know Im not much help.
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  • I love them all! But, the first one made me say "awwww"

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  • It depends on the feel you're going for I guess. The first one is very cute, but young to me. Maybe the cartoon? I like the second one - it's more simple and doesn't scream your theme, yet is just suggestive. The third I like as well - but it seem baseballish to me! I'm crazy lol. Anyway, second one has my vote.
  • i agree w/ what u think works best for you guys.... my vote is between 1 and 2. i think the first one is very cute and has a fun feel to it. the second one has more of a formal feel....  if i had to choose one, i would pick the first one
  • 2nd one is my favorite
  • First one gets my vote, you can have more fun with the save the date, all 3 of them are great!
  • I like the first one the best.  It is fun and cute and very romantic.

    The second one, I agree with PP, is more formal, and also seems to tie you down to the colour red versus San Francisco in general.

    Good luck choosing! :)
  • talalanitalalani member
    edited November 2009
    thanks for the input!  our wedding will be more on the formal side, however, the first one is SUPER cute.  i like the formality of the second one but the only thing i don't like about it is that its red (or "international orange") and monochromatic. 

    ok, at least i've pared it down to #1 or #2!  but i think the majority of you like #1 so i think we'll have to go with that one =)  it's a pretty whimsical and fun STD!  (ok that sounds weird.  an std wouldn't be fun....)
  • "ok that sounds weird. an std wouldn't be fun..."

    LOL, that made me laugh - it's hard not to think of the other meaning whenever I see that on this board.  I still haven't gotten used to it.  You are right, whimsical and STD don't seem to go together! :p
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