Genuardi Florist (Lansdale)

Has anyone ever used them or know of someone who has used them?  If so, I'd love to hear your feedback about your experience.  Thanks : )

Re: Genuardi Florist (Lansdale)

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    edited December 2011
    My mom used them to send some flowers to a friend.  They are a very traditional florist shop.  My florist is pretty close to them and she is amazing.  Check out Her work is really creative and she works out of her home so she doesn't have the overhead of a store.  I love working with Leslie.  She's been so great.  You can get to her blog through her website and see more of her weddings. 
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    i booked the same shop in Norristown - my aunt works at that one.  They are pretty traditional but def make an appt and talk with the wedding rep.  The flowers def do last a long time.  Good luck!
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