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Wednesday Healthy Brides Check-In

Re: Wednesday Healthy Brides Check-In

  • So far... not awesome! It's all of a sudden FALL (aka cold) & I want to snuggle at home, not workout! I have been eating alright, but last night I enjoyed a quesidilla at Chilli's after dress shopping - it was late & I was starving!! Time to get on track... Does anyone have any tips for getting up BEFORE work to workout? I don't have to be in until 8:30, so I could definitely be productive before that...
  • today i feel like a lard @$s....so blahmy eating hasn't been so great this week....monday was my off workout day and i had so much trouble making myself workout last night....luckily i have a combat class tonight and am looking foward to it (at least for now)  
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  • I've been 'forced' to work out almost everyday for the past week, even though I've wanted to stay at home! So I guess it's going good! I need to work out 12 times/month to get my health ins. payment to my gym....and I've had to work out half of that in the past week! I wish I could work out in the morning, I start at 7:30 so it'd be way to early! When I started at 9 I used to work out in the morning often, the only tip I have to get up early to work out is to go to bed earlier!
  • i think I'm doing pretty good still, we will see when I weigh in tomorrow :)
  • I'm doing ok.  A bit peeved that I haven't worked out since Sunday, but I'm really, really going to try my hardest to go for a quick run tonight.My WW weigh in (WI) is on Friday and I'm anticipating a loss since last week - yay!
  • Doing alright - but I keep having to stay at school till 7 or so, that makes it hard to work out super late :( i did last nite and i was so awake i couldnt sleep!! ugh - but once I get back into not crazyness it will be a bit better!
  • Aunt Flo's in town so I'm craving salt and sugar and really want to loaf.  I worked out Friday through Monday and meant to go to the gym after work today, but I came home instead... I am going to get up and work out tomorrow morning and am leading a group on a 10 mile pack hike with my dog on Friday.Eating fairly well... I went for a lunchmeat sandwich and chips for dinner instead of steak and shake - so I consider that good today :).

  • We had my dad over for dinner tonight for his birthday, and he brought me the Bridal Boot Camp book!! I can't wait to look through it and start figuring out what I need to do to make myself look fabulous and healthy.
    Me: 26 DH: 32
    TTC since 08/2010
    Anovulatory since at least 12/2010 (probably longer, unDx)
    Dx PCOS 3/2012
    SA 5/25/12--normal
    June 2012--50mg clomid+TI--BFN
    July 2012--50mg clomid+Ovidrel+TI--BFN, lining at 5mm
    August 2012--5mg femara+Ovidrel+TI
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