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September 2010 Weddings

Poll: Hidden talents

Upon talking to Aspersia I recently found that we are both artists!! Does anyone else out there have anything they are good at??? :oP

Datsyuks & Ferdy- We Go Together Like...

Re: Poll: Hidden talents

  • WOW lovethebeach that is TALENT!!!! I can play the piano, guitar, and flute.  I am also super flexible. 
  • I am an aspiring writer.  I've even had a couple of poems published.
  • Alknapp, I would love to read your poems! Is there any way I could?My hidden talent would be I belly dance and LOVE IT!And also, I ride horses very well. I used to compete.
  • I also write! FI is an amazing writer (much better than I am), and we're actually working on a story together :) One of my older short poems, but I like it:With small steps, fortune will take;Love or lust? A stupid mistake;Forgotten hours, endless time;I need it - your hand in mine;And eyes will cry;And hearts, we'll lose;Tragic endingsWe never choose.
  • Alknapp, please post something! :)
  • I am an amazing organizer... Don't know if you call that a hidden talent... but... I can sing pretty well, I was in school choir for 9 years... BUt my super awesome hidden talent... I can touch my Nose with my tongue... lol.
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