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September 2010 Weddings

Custom monogram

Hello All, I am also a Sept. bride. I am look to make a custom mongoram and do not know were to begin. My colors are brown and dark red.

Re: Custom monogram

  • do you want to make it or buy it. If you want to buy it, you can go to etsy.com and they can work with you to make the perfect monogram for you... I would suggest checking out the DIY board if you want to make it yourself as they know how to make a monogram using practically any progam. HTH!!!
  • looks like emilee is using the same color scheme! check 2 posts down and you can get some ideas!! :) maybe page her too - some girls on this board have made awesome monograms!
  • You girls are awesome! Thank you so....much for the help. I am sure you will be hearing a lot more from me. I have just started all of the details.
  • I used this tutorial: http://weddingmonograms.blogspot.com/2008/01/twined-initial-monograam-tutorial.html It uses photoshop, and it might be a little hard to follow if you're not familiar with the program, but the directions seemed good enough for even a novice to follow. I'm always happy to help though!
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