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September 2010 Weddings


Apparently I'm the paging queen of the moment.  Anywho, I saw you're going to be in Baltimore next month - that's where I live!  Are you here for a conference/meeting or something, or just visiting??  I'm so nosy :)
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Re: *lpallad*

  • ahhh omg fun! I am going to visit FSIL - me and the ILs and FI are going because she wont be able to make it home for Turkey day :) Im excited! never been!!!
  • oh  btw - funny halloween recipe that a science person will appreciate - im making them for my halloween party tomrrow:http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/caramel-pear-mice-recipe/index.html
  • Awww those are actually pretty cute!  I'm glad I don't work with mice anymore, it made me very sad.If you're still looking for recommendations on places to go, the Maryland Science Center has a really cool exhibit on Da Vinci's inventions, and it will be there until January. Other than that there's the aquarium, which I know most locals are bored of but I love.  And Poe's grave has been very popular lately, haha.Here is the link for the Science Center:http://www.mdsci.org/exhibits/davinci.html?gclid=CJnN9s_R5Z0CFU1M5QodnRACMw
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  • For our honeymoon we're going to spend a few days in Baltimore before we take off on our cruise. I'm not making any super-specific plans of what to do while we're there, but if I have any questions about fun ways to spend our time, I'll definitely be sure to ask you Laura!
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  • Thanks for the rec!!! :) I hope we can check it out! its right up my alley!!
  • Datsyuk's - of course, page me when you're in town :)  The Baltimore club board is also a great place to ask, especially if you want info on clubs or bars, since I don't really go there too much (I have like TWO recommendations for bars, I'm a homebody!)
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