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September 2010 Weddings

Lots of Checks

My jewelry came in today and picked it up. Beautiful!Booked the florist...woo hoo.Last night, we went and bought colums/pillars to go alongside the chairs fro the ceremony. We also got everything we wanted for our centerpieces, and bought the silks that we are using for the pots for the pillars. Picked up all the little extras we want for the after hours party we are hosting at the house for adults.Today, FI went and bought all the lumber and building materials to start on the gazebo!! FI also finished taking care of passport yesterday for Honeymoon.We have got so much done this month. The only thing we really have left to do is the guy's attires, BM dresses, cake, and hairstylist.
Married at last!!

Re: Lots of Checks

  • Good work girl!!! Awesome news!!!
  • Great work!! You guys are on a roll!
  • Congrats on the progress!  Pictures of your jewelry and decor?Music - no need to keep hassling her about the ring situation.  It's not like you HAVE to have a ring to make the engagement real.  It's just a materialistic, expensive piece of rock.  I planned most of my wedding before I had a ring, and I assure you my engagement and wedding are still real and I don't love my FI any less for proposing when the moment was right as opposed to after he'd spent several thousand on a ring to convince me to say yes.

  • I withdrew my post.  Of course you don't need a ring to get engaged, but you do need a proposal, and if she did get a formal proposal, then she and her FI are obviously engaged.  But I do hope that she gets her engagement ring eventually because that's what SHE wants.  I wish you the best of luck, jenking, really.
  • this is NOT snarky brides board.. congrats on your checks jenking.. i'm very excited for you! annnnd a little jealous! :) keep up the good work with your planning so that you can come help me with mine!!!! "good things comes to those who wait"  (that means it'll be 100 times better when you do get your ring.. until then my dear, keep on planning away and brush off any unsettling words!!
  • Thanks, and fortunately I didn't get to read the post. SO, that is a plus today too!!!
    Married at last!!
  • I asked if you got the ring yet, Jen.  If you did, congratulations.  If you didn't, no big deal.
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