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September 2010 Weddings

guest book-wording

I want to put a sign by the guest book that it is okay to leave us a message or a bit of advice.  The guest book that we have is open pages and no lines so it will work out for people to write a little something.  This is what I thought of,

Your signatures are nice
please also leave a note or 
give a little advice

Can you think of anything else?

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Re: guest book-wording

  • im so not creative....but i think that is cute.  can you google it?
  • Maybe just "Please leave your best words of wisdom for the new couple".

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  • We are doing a message in a bottle type thing with bottles marked for 1 year, 5 years, 10 years and 15 years, so that people can leave different messages for various years and we will open them on our anniversaries. Our poem, which I stole part of from the internet and part of it I made up is:

    As we begin on our journey
    as a new mister and missus
    we surely could use
    your advice and good wishes
    So please jot down a memory
    or reminder of the day
    you can even draw a picture
    if you're not sure what to say
    Then place your note
    into the appropriate bottle
    so that years down the road
    your advice we can model
    We appreciate you sharing
    wisdom on marriage, love and life
    the secrets to being a good husband
    or thoughtful, loving wife

    (Maybe you could use part of this and then change part of it to fit your book?)
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  • From DIY weddings on the knot:

    These cards are for our wedding book,

    A modern twist on the standard look.

    Take one for yourself and fill it out,

    Giving good wishes is what it's about.

    If you don't know what to say,
    Jot down a memory of the day.

    words of wisdom
    An encouragement, a joke,

    A poem, a drawing,

    Or even an anecdote.

    Weddings are more than rings and tossed rice,

    So please feel free to give us advice.

    Please don't forget, it would be such a shame,

    Before finishing the card, please sign your name.

    Then when our wedding day has passed,

    We will have great memories that last.

    For when we look at them we'll see,

    Kind words from friends and family.


    I'm also doing a wish bowl but for the life of me I can't find what I copied and pasted from Google, lol.

  • As we start our next adventure
    As a new Mr and Mrs,
    We'd love to read your advice,
    your blessings and your wishes.
    Share with us your wisdom
    of marriage love and life,
    How to be a loving husband,
    or a top notch, first rate wife.
    Please write your thoughts, draw a sketch,
    or simply sign your name.
    We'll use these to remember,
    All of you who came.
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