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September 2010 Weddings

Allow me to introduce myself!!

My name is Ta Trecia and  I recently got engaged on October 17, 2009 to the love of my life.  His name is Corey and we both live in Columbus but will be getting married in my home state of Arkansas on September 25, 2010.

Just to name a few of my major December checks:
Ordered Chair covers and sashes, my beautiful Mori Lee Dress, engagement pictures order and back already, and my save the dates postcards are being designed.

I am excited about becoming a part of this board and I hope to gain a lot of valuable information from you ladies.  Again thank you for allowing me to share.

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Re: Allow me to introduce myself!!

  • Welcome to the board!  I'm Cass, FI is Tyler.  Were getting married 9/4/10 in Alberta, Canada.
  • Welcome! Congrats on the engagement and all of your checks!

  • Hi! Welcome to the board!
    Me: 26 DH: 32
    TTC since 08/2010
    Anovulatory since at least 12/2010 (probably longer, unDx)
    Dx PCOS 3/2012
    SA 5/25/12--normal
    June 2012--50mg clomid+TI--BFN
    July 2012--50mg clomid+Ovidrel+TI--BFN, lining at 5mm
    August 2012--5mg femara+Ovidrel+TI
  • hi!!! Welcome to the board! :) this is really a great board :) Im Leah and FI is Christian, we are getting married in Cleveland on 9.18 :) Sounds like you have a lot done! :) looking forward to hearing more about your plans! :-D
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    Hi Ta Trecia! Congrats on getting so many things done already!

    I'm Yuki, my FI is Sam. We're both from the Bay Area in California and are getting married 9-18.

    Excited to have you on the board!
  • Hi, and like everyone else said, Welcome! This is the best board on TheKnot!

    I am Carla, FI is Chris. We are getting married 9-25 in Michigan.
    Hope to hear more about your plans!
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  • Hi, and welcome to the board!  Congrats on all your recent checks!  Sounds like you are well on your way!!

    I'm Erin, FI is Randy.  We are getting married here in VT on Sept. 18th! 
  • Congrats and welcome to the board!
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  • Thanks ladies for the warm welcome!
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  • Welcome to the 9/10 Board!  I'm Jody, FI is Dan, and we're getting married 9/5/10 in Southern NJ. 
  • Congrats and welcome!  I'm Laura, FI is Jeff, we're getting married 9/10/10 near Baltimore.

    I love the engagement pics, that sweater dress looks great on you!
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  • Sorry I'm so late on this Ta Trecia!! Congrats & Welcome!! And as Tbears said, this is the best board on The Knot :o)

    The name's Rebecca (some call me Red ;oP ) FI is Otto and we are gettin' hitched the day before you :o) Have a wedding website yet?? I'm a sucker for inspiration boards :o)

    Can't wait to hear more as your planning comes along! :o)


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  • Congratulations & welcome! Can't wait to hear more details!

    I'm Claire, FI is Jake and we're 9/18.
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