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September 2010 Weddings

Dad Rant

Sorry, but I really need to vent because this is still bothering me....all summer I have been subtley hinting to my dad that I wanted hiim to rent a tux to match the other guys - he insisted he didn't need to; he has his own. Whatever, right? Well now, 12 days before the wedding, he doesn't think his tux will fit. So he found the cheapest a$$ place to rent a tux "just in case". So I suggested that if he's going to have to rent one anyway, could he please rent one from a different place so he could match everyone else? I think it would look really nice. NO, he can't, because this cheap place will let him rent it "under the table" so that his wife doesn't find out that he's spending money on it. WTF?!? I only plan on getting married once and he can't drop $150 on his daughter's wedding? Oh, but he bought me a gift, and felt it necessary to tell me that in this same conversation.
Back story - my parents have been divorced for almost 15 years, and I'm not very close with my dad. I asked him to walk me down the aisle w/ my mom because I thought it would mean a lot to him. But, I really don't want him walking me in to my marriage, you know? How effed up is that that he's now bringing me in to his lies and deceipt with his wife?
Whatever, I know, not the end of the world and at this point it is what it is, but I'm annoyed.
Sorry for the vent.

Re: Dad Rant

  • Wow, sorry to hear your story.

    Just let the dude wear whatever he wants and enjoy your day!
  • ugh, that is very frustrating.  i am so sorry.  at the end of the day, nobody will notice what your dad is wearing.  what is more upsetting is the whole background and how he is the one walking you down the aisle (which is really an honor) and he is in turn dragging you into his lies and not respecting your wishes.

    no real advice, just remember you have to pick your battles and this one doesn't sound like it is worth the drama.  good luck!
  • I agree with Shauni - it IS so frustrating, all the little mini-drama battles that come up with people while planning a wedding, so I don't blame you for venting, but in the grand scheme of things it really is no big deal.  Just try to calm down and remember that he is a very small part of your day, and it doesn't matter what he wears, even if he is driving you nuts!
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  • Oh I'm so so sorry. :( Selfish people are such a bummer. I hope you can put it behind you and not let him ruin your day. If he is going to lie and be deceitful that is by no way your fault. You cannot control him. Ditto to shauni, pick your battles and enjoy your day!
  • Thanks ladies, I should have been leaning on you a lot more during this whole wedding planning thing. You're awesome!
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