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September 2010 Weddings


I know I know. This is post 56348902 x 309998 on RSVP's! But today was technically the last day to get the RSVP's here by our date of August 1st! And.. I am still missing.. 18 peoples' responses. And ZERO came in the mail today. I guess it could be worse. Granted, I have a whole month to track them down and get their answers.. but I just wish people could send back that little card in a timely matter. I had about 6 guests lose it.. and call me in a panic. It's okay folks.. I have more.. just tell me what you want to eat and I'll tuck it away safely! HaHa.. I hope everyone has the RSVP fairy visiting you today!

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Re: RSVP's!

  • mushEmushE member
    You should be fine!  Just try to relax, and not stress about it.  I know some ladies had to have an early RSVP date because of needing to get numbers to the venue/caterer early, but IMO 6 weeks is pretty early to expect everyone to RSVP. 

    Really, though, it's pretty great to only have 18 responses MIA.  Good luck!
  • I am thinking that too. I have 2 more weeks on mine, but still think its funny that people don't respond, especially when you know they are coming - like ones in the wedding, or aunts & uncles from out of town - that already made hotel reservations!

  • I had a deadline for 6 weeks ahead as well because my two of my vendors need numbers one month before, and I needed time to call whoever didn't respond.  We got back less than half of the cards (we sent over 80), and I think it will probably take me the whole two weeks to try and get in touch with everyone. 
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  • I got one for you.  My FSIL who is in the wedding can't send her's back because she isn't sure if her fiance can come or not since we are having an adult reception and apparently he can't get a baby sitter for his kids??? Or more likely she is a drama queen. 

    Yet she posted on Facebook today about how she is stressed because no one is sending RSVP's to her wedding that is 3 weeks before ours....and that's another story.
  • My deadline is 8/8, four weeks before my 9/5 wedding, and I'm still waiting on 72 people to respond out of 169 invited!  Luckily, the RSVP card count has gotten better - got three cards yesterday, three today.
  • Dont feel bad, my RSVP date is Aug. 1st (tomorrow) and we are stil missing around 50 people's cards... (total of apprx 100 guests are MIA) :-(
  • Same here, we're missing 30, and that's after I got responds out of about 10 people today. Of the 30, all of them are from out of town, so you know they need to make reservations if they're actually coming. Most likely they're not, but it'd sure be nice if they'd just tell me so I can let the caterer know. Hope you're able to track down those 18 stragglers soon! 
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  • My responses were due yesterday (6 weeks ahead of the wedding).  I still have 43 unaccounted for guests (and that's after I made some really well educated guesses on a couple of people that I'm 99% sure aren't coming).  I did have some success sending a reminder email yesterday afternoon (we did both online and card rsvp's) - that scored me 4 more responeses - accounting for 11 people!
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  • I have 1 month left for mine and I swear to God! People better start mailing them back lol. I had to go pick up the RSVP from my FMIL and FFIL and FGIL this weekend lol. And I brought the invite and RSVP card to my friend the florist today and made her fill it out right there lol
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