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September 2010 Weddings


So today I went with my MOH to go pick up her dress. I take it to my house since she lives in PA and she's going to get it altered at a place near my house. So FI comes home and I asked him if he wanted to see it and he's like well just put it on. I'm like idk if it'll fit she's so tiny.  So I put it on and what do you know it fits. I'm super excited about that. Then I look out the window for some reason and see FI's car moving and I just yell OMG OMG. And I thought someone was stealing his car!! It went all the way down the driveway (my driveway is a steep hill) and knocked over the mailbox.

FI's car is okay, the mailbox... not so much. Thankfully my mom wasn't home otherwise FI's car would've hit her car instead. We were also lucky that my brother's car wasn't parked closer to the mailbox like he usually does.

The pic is of the mailbox now in my backyard since FI knocked it completely off.


  • ummmm....why was the car moving??

    Sorry 'bout your mailbox though.
  • yikes.  Glad the only thing that was hurt was the mailbox.  And now you've got a fun family project to work on together!
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    [QUOTE]ummmm....why was the car moving?? Sorry 'bout your mailbox though.
    Posted by tba0313[/QUOTE]

    I assume somebody forgot about the parking brake?
  • He has a manual and he put on his emergency brakes. Idk what happened? He didn't put it in gear but you don't really have to... I know he needs new break pads.
  • I'm super glad no one got hurt and that the damage wasn't too expensive, but seriously this post made me giggle.
  • holy crap!  funny story, that is quite the excitement!
  • funny story.  Glad everything/one is ok! (except mailbox) :) 

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