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September 2010 Weddings

NWR: Knotties Vibes Request

Hi Ladies!

I have an interview for a job I really want on Monday January 4th.  If you could, please send good Knottie Vibes my way, keep your fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed, legs crossed, etc. :-)

Taylor--thanks for sending the New Job Fairy!  I hope she likes me!  lol...

Re: NWR: Knotties Vibes Request

  • KV going your way! Good luck!!
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    TTC since 08/2010
    Anovulatory since at least 12/2010 (probably longer, unDx)
    Dx PCOS 3/2012
    SA 5/25/12--normal
    June 2012--50mg clomid+TI--BFN
    July 2012--50mg clomid+Ovidrel+TI--BFN, lining at 5mm
    August 2012--5mg femara+Ovidrel+TI
  • GOOD LUCK Laughing

    Vibes and all kinds of good stuff coming your way!
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  • Here come the vibes and I've got everything crossed for you! The Knottie vibes worked for FI - he starts the 4th! GOOD LUCK!
  • Viele Spass!!! (prounced Feel-Shpasz) *Much Luck auf Deutsch (German)*
    Maybe if I say it in a different language it will be more powerful :o)
    KVs your way too ( I don't know how to say that in German ;oP)

    Datsyuks & Ferdy- We Go Together Like...

  • Sending luck and good vibes your way!!!

    Good Luck!!
  • Good luck and I'm sending good vibes your way!!
  • Thank you ladies!  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

    II haven't been able to Knot much lately because of the ridiculous way they situated my cubicle when we moved to our new suite...I'm the most senior non-manager...and I am out in the wide open, with my back and computer monitors facing the managers' offices...with a solid cubicle panel blocking my line of vision to see anything....oh, and the community printer is sitting at the foot of my desk...it's fabulous....
  • good luck! hope 2010 brings you a new job to go along with a new husband!!
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  • Update: the interview went well (I think).  They have 4 other interviews this week...and are hoping to know something by Friday.

    /keeping my fingers, toes, eyes, legs and arms crossed still.
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