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September 2010 Weddings

I've been MiIA

Sorry girls, I know I've been missing.  Chris was here to visit for Thanksgiving for almost 3 weeks, and after he left my uncles cancer got quite bad.  I've been spending a lot of my time over there and all of my time recently.  He lost his battle to cancer on December 21, and we've been really busy trying to get the funeral done before Christmas and trying to celebrate Christmas. 

An update on Chris and I though....
We've sent in our visa, and we did our registry while he was here because he won't be back until the wedding.  We know what we want for the wedding but I'm afraid to plan things and make payments in case the visa timing is off.  One bridesmaid bought her dress already so that has me pretty excited!  It's coming together slowly but surely.  And hello new girls!  I look forward to sharing ideas with you!

Re: I've been MiIA

  • I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. KV to your family! Glad to hear your planning is coming together nicely. I'm going with my BMs tomorrow so they can all get measured and order their dresses. I might try my dress on again just for fun too.
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  • Jilly I'm so sorry about your uncle. Just be glad you were able to spend so much time with him! I'm so happy to hear that things are coming together with your visas and the wedding! The time is just ticking away! ;) How are you coming with your details and centerpieces?
  • im so sorry about your uncle!! :( im glad you guys got the visa and everything though!
  • Darce- I've figured everything out, the centerpieces, the colors, the flowers, the photographer, the favors, etc. It's just putting it all together now.  And I'm having the hardest time with invitations.  I can't figure anything out for them.  I want them to look nice but not too formal but not too "oh it's a backyard reception :/"  It's difficult! :)   How are your plans coming along?
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