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September 2010 Weddings

Holy Crap...E-pics

After what seemed like forever I finally got my e-pics.  They're cute but I have self confidence issues, so I don't think I look beautiful in them...but it was fun and I'm glad to finally see them.

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Re: Holy Crap...E-pics

  • Awww you look adorable!!!
  • I think you look great!  Awesome pics :)


  • you look cute! I like the redwood trees teaser.

    I know FI and i felt a little awkward when we had ours done since some of them we were just pretending like he wasn't there taking pics of us.
  • 1)LOVE the dress and cardigan you are wearing.  want them.
    2)you guys are a great looking couple!
    3)I love the photographer you picked--these pictures are PERFECT and you guys look so good!
  • Gorgeous!!!!
  • I love your outfit too.  The pictures are great!

    I scrolled down too far and thought... "WTH she got married already?".  Because it's friday and my brain is done.
  • I don't know what you're thinking, you look beautiful. And you and FI look so happy together.
    Your dress is super cute too!

    PS I've also got some special love for UCSC since my sister graduated from there  :)
  • Thanks ladies.  Yeah, I love the dress too.  I had to wear it with the cardigan because the straps were too thin.  You have no idea how difficult it was to find a purple cardigan during the summer, but found it at Target!
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  • love them, and your dress !!!!!
  • Great pictures! You both look awesome and so happy!
  • You look really cute and I love your outfit! I'm getting married in Santa Cruz!!
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  • They are great, and you look beautiful!
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  • First of all, you do not need to have self conscience issues, you look awesome. And I agree - Love the dress, and you two are an adorable couple and look SO happy. I think they are great! 
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  • vegasdvegasd member
    Very pretty! Love your dress!
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  • You both look great!  I especially like the one where you're both peering over the fence.
  • Love love love the pics and you are absolutely beautiful!  Just look at the pics when you feel less confident and you should get a great feeling about yourself!  Look at how your FI looks at you...that should also help! 
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