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September 2010 Weddings


Happy Friday!
   I had a quick question. I recall that you got the Etsy wire hanger with your name on it. Do you recall who the seller was? After constantly thinking about it, I totally want one now, but can't seem to find it anymore. All the other sellers don't have a full wire hanger.
    Thanks for your help!!



Re: ***Stef****

  • I'm not Stef, but I'm nosy...and I got the same hanger.  It's seller lilafrances.  A little bit of bad news, though - she takes 2 months to ship.  You may be able to pay her extra for faster processing, but mine took over 8 weeks to get to me.

  • Yikes!
    Thanks for the info! Maybe I'll see if there's a way around this. Or it's fate's way of saying stop dilly dallying and start working on real wedding projects ;)
  • Yup, lilafrances! I would hurry up and order now - hopefully she can have it done in time, although I know there can be a huge lag. I think mine took about 2 months until receipt.
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