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September 2010 Weddings


Dear TK,
 I blame you for being behind in my work and having to rush to finish everything. You sucked me in most of the night! How dare you! (and don't comment on the fact that I'm back again)

 I work 11pm - 7am, going to bed around 8am - 9am. FI works 2pm (which means he has to be there at 2, not around 2) - 10:30pm and usually stays up till 2am or 3am because that's the only time we can talk. If you continue to pretend like you don't know our work schedules and think that calling between 10am - 11am is acceptable, I will start calling you at 3am and refusing to stop calling until you answer....Then I will demand money and for you to drive to my work and bring me something.
Not happy,

Dear FI,
 Please stop complaining to me about the Day After Brunch. I don't want it and no one in my family wants it...it's your mother that wants it. She hasn't made any plans yet, so you don't want it than tell her. Otherwise, I no longer wish to here about how you won't be able to play DnD. I do NOT care.
Your wonderful FI

Dear FMIL,
 You're annoying me...can you leave me alone for a few days please? Thanks!
p.s. If you think for one moment you're going to get FI to work on M's garage this weekend, you're fooling yourself. This is the first weekend we both have had off in months! He's spending it with me.

Re: Dear...

  • Dear FMIL,

    Please stop being a pain in the butt and tell FI and I where the rehearsal dinner is being held. Or on second thought don't tell us and when you haven't sent invitation out by next Wednesday you can deal with your son yelling at you. I'm sorry that your mad at me because "you son didn't have anything to do with the planning process". He's perfectly fine with the fact he didn't make any decisions. I ran everything by him before booking anything and he went to the important meetings. The only thing he wanted was to go to Vegas and when we talked about it and realized that some of the people I would really want to be there couldn't be ther we decided against it. So please stop using this as the reason you don't like me. I'm pretty sure your always going to t have a reason not to like me because you don't want to "give up your son".

    Future Daughter in Law

    Dear FI,

    I wish you would realize how much needs to get done around the house before we move your stuff in 3 weeks from now. I also think it is funny that your roommates think you need to be around to help them work on a demo car this weekend. I would think they would realize how much stuff there is to do at their house also considering they have to be out by September 1st. I guess at least you helped me clean carpets last night, so at least something got done.

    Your soon to be wife

    Dear local college students,

    Please come back NOW so that work will be busier again and I can make some money.

    I really need money to pay off the wedding bills
    My Bio image 228 Invited so far! image 143 Are ready to party!
    image 74 Will be missing out image 11 need to make up their minds
  • Dear Knotties 

    You are te best! Thank you for always being here even when my IRL friends and family aren't!! I will be MIA this weekend camping. As always have a great weekend!


    Datsyuks & Ferdy- We Go Together Like...

  • Dear BM's, Can one of you actually come to my dress fitting? Or could any of you act like you are interested in the wedding at all? I know its my wedding and of course I am a bit obsessed but I picked you guys for a reason and were thinking you might be a little bit excited.

    The Bride

    Dear People Who Have Not RSVP'ed
    Please send in your RSVP as soon as possible. Just because it says they are due by 9/1/10 does not mean you have to wait until the day before to mail them. I would like to get started on seating charts and escort cards and you are making this impossible.
    The Bride
  • JRSondayJRSonday member
    edited July 2010
    Dear RSVPers,

    They're due Monday. Still missing 80 of them is NOT okay.

    Love, The Bride

    Dear FI,

    I love you so freaking much! I hate the stress level right now and I know you do too. Let's never get married, redo the house, and both change jobs in two months again, okay?

    Love, Your Bride

    Dear Mom,

    I am too busy on TK to find flights for you. I very much appreciate you paying for the wedding though, so I will do it anyway.

    Love, Your Daughter

    Dear Dad,

    I wish you were here. XO

    Love, Your Daughter

    I love my puppy ... and my husband, I swear!
  • Dear GM's,
    please just quit whining and go get fitted for your tuxes already, that would make me super happy right now.
    The Bride

    Dear FMIL,
    Thank you for everything you have done for us, you are a great FMIL, and I am glad we get along wonderful, but could you please stop putting your daughter in every conversation, it's getting quite annoying to everyone, thanks!

    Dear Mom,
    I am so glad you are able to share this special day with us, I know it was pretty scary everything you went through back in Dec/Jan, when we almost lost you, and now you are stronger then ever before!  I thank God everyday for keeping you here! I love you more then you know!
    your daughter

    Dear Dad,
    Even though, you are not my birth father, I thank you for coming into my life when I was 8 years old, and being a real father to me.  I love you for everything you do for me, and I know that it will be hard to give me away, but you know in your heart you are giving me to a great guy!
    I love you!
    your daughter
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  • Dear shiitty coworkers and dead-end job,

    My resumé's been updated and sent to a couple other firms. Yup, that's right. I am actively seeking other employment and will be putting in my notice soon. Good luck finding another whipping girl, you bitches!

    NO love,
    Jill of All Trades.
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  • Dear FI,

    Thank you for finishing the things I've asked AHEAD of time, for this I love you more than I thought I had. Thank you for being my rock.

    Your soon to be wifey.

    Dear Old Coworker,

    I invited you because you what I thought a pretty decent friend. While I worked with you all you could talk about was coming to the wedding, then you RSVP no? Im confused.

    That girl.

    Dear BFF,

    Thank you for making put the girl emotions away and let me hang with the guys for a couple hours. Even tho I hate hearing about mining it was nice to not have to explain my colors and centerpieces and all that jazz. Oh and remember no dirties at the wedding. Kthanx.


    Dear Daddy and mom,

    Thank you for being support! Oh and Daddy....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't wait to make you grandparents again.

  • Dear FI's Family,

    I want to kick every single one of you in the face.  The RSVP date is in FIVE days and I'm still missing 75 of them.  All from you.  Everyone else has already RSVPed.  WTF?

    Impatient and Irritated Bride

  • Dear FI,
    Yes! my love, you do look absolutely dapper since you finally gave yourself a close shave in months.  Yes, I like the way you looked in that shirt.  No you didn't have to TELL me how hot you were and that I should "do" you every five minutes last night.  I'm on my period, come back in a few days.
    p.s.  yes, I know, it's like we're already married.

    Dear thatJessie,
    I know it looks like I'm, stalking you this morning, I think this is the third thread where I posted right behind you.  I promise it's just coincidence. 
    Your knottie sis!
    TTC since 2010
    Me: 36, slightly elevated FSH. Everything else (hysterescopy, HSG, b/w) normal.
    DH:30, with super sperm? >200mil post wash
    BFP #1 - May 2011 - m/c @ 8weeks
    IUI #1 - July 26 2012 - Femara = BFN
    Suprise BFP Jan 15 2013. Hope this one sticks!
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  • dear bank account: please get bigger.
    dear boss: please give me a raise.
    dear self: please stop eating so much and exercise more.
    dear fiance: i know we have been stressed and moody and taking all of our problems out on each other.  and i know we are both aware of why we are this way.  i am hopeful that as soon as this wedding rolls around, life will go back to somewhat normal.  until then, i will try very hard to stop being such a lunatic and just love you.  i hope you will do the same for me.

  • Jessie, is today your dad's b-day? My dad is 61 today :)

    BabyName Ticker
  • rien, my dad turned 61 yesterday :)
  • Dear Datsyuks & Ferdy
     I want scrubs back!
    Scrubs Fan
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