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September 2010 Weddings

Fun Wedding Raffle - acceptable or not?


I'm getting married in September and I'm trying to figure out some fun things to break up the dancing and food parts of the wedding.  One of the things we are thinking of doing is a raffle (free of course), where every guest gets one raffle ticket, and throughout the night we raffle off little gifts (pictures frames with our engagment photos in it, gift cards, movie tickets, that kind of thing), and at the end of the night raffle off the centerpieces - since I know people are going to take them anyway, I'd at least like everyone to get a chance to grab one if they want.

What do you think?  Is this acceptable to do?  I've never seen it done, but think that it would be fun!

Any input or thoughts would be great.  Any suggestions for items to raffle off would be great too!  Thanks!

Re: Fun Wedding Raffle - acceptable or not?

  • IMO - weddings are "to each their own" - however these are the thoughts that first came to my mind:

    Who will hand out the tickets and explain what they are?
    Where will girls in dresses keep tickets while they are dancing (no pockets or purses assumed)? Will they have to run back to their seat and find their stub somewhere on the table hoping the wait staff didn't take it away with their dinner plate?
    What happens if people step outside, or are in the bathroom, or leave early? Does someone run around trying to find out where number 49783 went?
    If you have OOT guests, would it be difficult for them to get the centerpieces home? on an airplane?

    In the end, it's your day and you should do what you want to do. Those are just my thoughts :)
  • Hi welcome to the board!

    A raffle could be fun it just depends on the mood/formality of your reception.

    I personally wouldn't raffle off pictures of you guys or the centerpieces....I think you should give out the pictures if you want but for example I don't think my friends would want a pic of FI & I no matter how fabulous we are :) Regarding the centerpieces I would just let whatever happens happen.
  • I agree with PP - I think the only people that might be excited about "winning" a pic of FI and I is my family.  And even then it's iffy. :-)  Also, if you raffle off the CPs, you might end up with people who really wanted one not getting one, and people who really didn't want one feeling like they have to take it home.

    I've seen some posts about people doing where you have the DJ make statements and then the guests guess whether it's the bride or groom, and then people win things that way.  Maybe you could make it like a nice bottle of wine or some other things like that - maybe restaurant gift cards or... I don't know...  I feel like something like that would get more guest interaction than a raffle.

  • Why would you want to break up the dinner & dancing?  Do you think you are going to have boring guests there haha? 

    I wouldn't do it...let the guests fight it out over the centerpieces and leave the pictures to the family.  As far as "winning" something goes, you should be giving your guests a favor on their way out anyway, so don't make any of them feel more important than the other. 

  • Hi, welcome!

    The only "raffle" I could see working is with the centerpieces. Anything else would just be too much, IMO.

    We are doing a beach theme & will do "musical shells" to determine who gets to take the centerpiece home. I'm sure you get where this is going (pass the shell until the music stops - that's person's out, etc.) Our DJ will MC the raffle.
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  • If I was a guest a won movie tickets I'd be happy.... if I won a pic of you two (no offense!) I'd be indifferent.... if I won nothing I'd feel bad because I'm so competitive its painful!
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