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September 2010 Weddings

September Honeymoon suggestions

hi girls, any honeymoon suggestions for september? we originally wanted to do Greece but we recently bought a house so our budget has decreased. any suggestions for somewhere to go? we are thinking the caribean but its hurricane season.

where are you girls going?

Re: September Honeymoon suggestions

  • We are going on a cruise to New England and Canada.
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  • Were actually planning on waiting until sometime in the winter to go on our honeymoon so I'm no help.
  • There's actually a post about this near the bottom of the page, and several more if you check back a few pages.  Happy planning :)
  • ARUBA! It's just outside of  the hurrican belt & still within the Carribean :)
  • We are also going to Hawaii.

  • We are thinking Barbados.  Like Aruba it is out of the hurricane belt, but still in the caribbean.
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  • We're going to Thailand.  It's kind of expensive to fly there, but once you do, it's really cheap to live in luxury, relative to most honeymoon resorts.  We're talking $60 for a five-star hotel, and $10 for an hour massage.  It's also "rainy" season there in September, but that means less crowds and cheaper prices. 
  • We're doing Europe.  Iceland, Amsterdam, Italy and Dublin.  We're actually accomplishing it on a fairly small budget by taking lay-over flights (hence the reason we're going to so many places!) and staying in apartments instead of hotels.  We originally planned just for Amsterdam and Italy - then found that routing through Iceland and Dublin would be MUCH (talking like $2k each way) cheaper.  Maybe you could take a look into something like that?  Or by holding off for just a month or so after the wedding you should be out of peak travel season and into the shoulder season where hotels and things should be cheaper.

    Also try http://www.europeandestinations.com A lot of girls on the HM board have been raving about that site lately.  Good luck! :-)

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