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September 2010 Weddings

Good Morning!

I'm wide-eyed and bushy tailed...NOT! But I am so glad it's Friday!

Plans for this weekend?

Anyone doing anything for Halloween? Costumes? Giving out cavities...er candy to kiddos? Haunted houses? Favorite halloween candy?

Okay I'm done. Laughing

Re: Good Morning!

  • morning.  so tired/headachy.

    i am going to DC this weekend for my grandmothers memorial.  i am looking forward to getting away with gerren (man do we need it), seeing family and friends who couldnt make it to the wedding, and getting some closure.

    no CLUE what to do for halloween...we have no friends here yet,so nothing is planned.  what is everyone else being?
  • We have Haley (9yo) this weekend, so I'm sure there will be a lot of Haley-centric activities. I also need to clean up the garage ... so much stuff in there. I moved in with DH in April ... still have not unpacked one box. I have half a mind to just throw it all away since obviously I haven't needed it for 6 months now!

    I love my puppy ... and my husband, I swear!
  • morning guys :o)

    today I embark on the changing my name at the SS office and DMV---hopefully it works well.

    have a good day ladies :o)

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  • Ahoy mateys! TGIF! Longest week ever.

    Last night I was not a slug! I cleaned the powder room, put some wedding stuff away, cleaned the kitchen, put laundry away, dusted the upstairs and living and dining rooms, and MFD picked up chinese food and vacuumed and steam cleaned spots in the basement, living room and office. After that I read some mags, painted my nails, and we watched L&O LA and Criminal Minds. I fell out around 12.

    We also opened some wedding cards and gifts. I need to get cracking on thank you cards on Sunday. I have over 160 to write.

    I have the project from he!! from the partner from he!! today. Not pleased.

    Tonight I'm grocery shopping and watching the Phils.

    Saturday I need to be up and out of the house by 5:30 to head to Lancaster for Relay University.

    Saturday night two of my besties are coming over for pizza, wine, and lounging.

    Sunday I'm making soup, a big mexican meal, and starting my thank you cards.

  • As for Halloween, we have a party to go to...we've been thinking of costumes for a month, but nothing jumps out yet.
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    [QUOTE]i am going to DC this weekend for my grandmothers memorial.  i am looking forward to getting away with gerren (man do we need it), seeing family and friends who couldnt make it to the wedding, and getting some closure.
    Posted by shauni27[/QUOTE]

    Thinking of you this weekend Shauni.
  • I should also probably request the certified copy of the marriage certificate today.
  • edited October 2010
    Good Morning Ladies!
    I'm trying to wake up. I cleaned some of the house last night and got some wash done. It felt good to clean up. I still have to take all my wedding stuff down. Example - my Mom made me a towel cake for my shower. It's sitting in my living room. I love it and will miss it when it's gone. :( I was going to do it last night but I thought, a few more days. Haha...

    This weekend...well tonight we are watching the Phillies game with friends at a local bar. Tomorrow I'm meeting up with my old roommate for brunch. Tomorrow night we are going out for a friend's 30th. Sunday - football, maybe a pot of chili?? It's so nice to have a life back!

    For Halloween we are going to a house party and I have no idea what to be! :( Anyone have any good ideas??? I can't think of anything and I don't want to be Snooki, Lady Gage or a tramp. Ha!
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  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh chump chop mode today!! Lets eat um up and spit them out!!

    I am so happy its friday!!!  NOTTTTTTTTTTT

    Tonite we are packing the truck with all the boxes, my dad is helping DH since I cant move boxes bc who would micromanage them....thats the quote from DH last nite! I  am excited to be in our new house this weekend even though its going to take me forever to unpack and set it up but hey I cant complain Im a homeowner!!

    I will watch the phillies tonite whether its on my phone or in the living room while the men empty the house of boxes!!

    Tommorow movers come to get furntiure, cable and internet guys are coming doggies are going to doggie daycare so we can move! Then Im taking the doggies to get halloween costumes! Our new house is in a development that has alot of kiddies so we will need candy and costumes! Thats our halloween nite watching Hocus Pocus handing out candy and having a few friends over for goblets and gizzard juice
  • Thinking about you this weekend Shauni!

    We're going to the Perry Fair tomorrow for my mom's birthday. I can't wait and I think she's finally getting excited about it. Sunday we'll be celebrating with the whole fam and doing the birthday thing.

    DH wants to dress up and do something but we really don't know anyone up here yet so not sure what we'll do. My nieces are going to be Glinda and Elphaba (from Wicked) and we'll probably just join in the costumes to complete that theme (Dorothy, tin man, lion, scarecrow, etc).
  • Good morning!  Jeff is leaving early Sunday morning for a work retreat, so I'll be alone Sunday and Monday.  And since he's taking our car with him, Saturday will be spent grocery shopping, not snuggling or anything cute like that.  Boo.  Although he's sad that he will be away for our one-month anniversary, which I thought was kind of adorable. 

    Somehow I have signed myself up to make cupcakes for four different parties this month, and I'm scratching my head over that one.  I'm really glad I got a Kitchenaid mixer and that I bought a 24-cupcake carrier...  One of the batches has to be sugar free, and I found a recipe but I haven't tried it, so if anyone can recommend a sugar-free cupcake recipe I would be eternally grateful.

     We both have Halloween work parties, and friends of ours in PA are having a Halloween party the previous weekend (everyone is busy Halloween weekend), but no costumes for any of those.  We do have a door-decorating contest at work, though, and we're all pretty excited.  We're going to start working on that next week.
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  • TGIF....and nice to be back on the board!  Ugh, life has finally calmed down!  And this weather is beautiful here, it makes being at work so hard!

    This weekend DH and I are gonna shop a little, carve pumpkins, maybe some yard work, finish decorating the house for halloween!  I love to decorate.

    As far as halloween goes, we're handing out candy to what I assume will be a busy night, cause our neighborhood is fairly new and always has kids wandering around.

    Shauni I too will be thinking of you tomorrow.  I had the same thing last weekend, cept for my uncle and it was a complete disaster with my grandparents, so I hope you're is smoother and good closure for you.

    At sea, heading to Lisbon, Portugal Anniversary
  • It is Thanksgiving weekend here so I have Monday off - and I desperately need a long weekend. We'll do dinner at the in-laws. Everyone at work is sick/getting sick so I am going to sleep lots and try and head it off!

    For Hallowe'en we'll be away on our honeymoon :(. I hate missing it, but my costume is going to be my bikini!!!
  • Morning girly-qs!  SOOO glad it's Friday!  I'm about ready to walk out of this place and it's all I can do to stay, smile and STFU.  I told DH to be ready for me to come home jobless one day soon.  We're on the ready.

    Got wasted last night after a sh!tty day at work.  Worked on my resume and sent out many an applications.  Washed our new duvet cover and towels and used them tonight and this morning.  Helllo heaven!

    Tonight is Oktoberfest downtown. I will be wearing a beer wench costume and drinking more.  DH, who usually stays home, asked if he could go AND drink.  Hells yeah, I like this married thing.

    Saturday will be spent cleaning, recuperating and hanging w/ the in-laws.

    Sunday is Pugs in the Park in which miss Asia will be a lady-pug yet again as well as my RBs bday party.

    Cannot WAIT for Halloween!  My besties have a big party every year w/ costume contest, beer pong tourney, and general fun hijinx.  I've won the costume contest 3 yrs running, so this year, I'll bow out and be something generic.  The girls and I are going to be the mad hatter, queen of hearts (me) and Alice.  Funtimes!  No rugrats around, so no trick or treating, unless I tag along w/ the besties' kids.


  • We haven't dressed up for two years. I freaking love dressing up.

    We won the best costume contest at the last party we went to in this gear:

  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2010-weddings_good-morning-10?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:594Discussion:81c4c6a1-2c29-42bb-b47d-b452c24518a0Post:c3ec9045-e8cc-410f-a1a9-33b3e511a55a">Re: Good Morning!</a>:
    [QUOTE] Sunday is Pugs in the Park in which miss Asia will be a lady-pug yet again as well as my RBs bday party.... The girls and I are going to be the mad hatter, queen of hearts (me) and Alice.  Funtimes!  No rugrats around, so no trick or treating, unless I tag along w/ the besties' kids.
    Posted by brew311[/QUOTE]

    Pugs in the park too cute! My boys HATE to be dressed up.

    Queen of Hearts and the Mad Hatter are on our possible list, but it doesn't blow my skirt up.
  • Assuming DH can get the certificate today, I'm going to try and change my license tomorrow.  I also need to clean the house and hang some curtains.  And possibly some furniture shopping so we can finally unpack and not live with junk all over the place!
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