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Vent: House issues

So, we had our inspection this week and I had a family friend who's a contractor check the place out (for a rough estimate of cost).  It's in worse shape than we thought.  The good news (?) is that there's only 2-3 "big" problems.  Two of them require further/closer inspection so we won't know the full extent of the problems until we can get them looked at by specialists.  The bad news is that there's a TON of minor problems on top of that.  I'm getting overwhelmed and frustrated.  I know I got into this with unrealistic expectations (furthered by FMIL/FFIL) but if I hear one more person say "it's not major" or "it's not that big a problem" I'm going to go crazy and scream.

I feel a little better now, thanks for letting me vent!
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Re: Vent: House issues

  • I kind of know how you feel.  There is a house I'm interested in that has a ton of little things that need done.  Basically there is nowhere that doesn't need a little touch up or something... but I love the house so much.  Going to meet with the realtor Saturday. :)  GL, and I hope your "big" problems work out!  And don't sweat about the "little" problems, you don't have to get everything done right away! :)
  • Wow, that would definitely be frustrating - especially because it's such a harsh emotion coupled with the excitement of buying your home!

    Are any of the problems things the seller can do before closing? Did you go into it looking for a "fixer upper" or are these all things you didn't expect?

  • I feel for you! We just moved into our new house 2 weeks ago...it was a frustrating process to say the least. We've fixed many of the "minor" issues we had and are saving the major one for the spring. When you and FI move into the house and its yours, it will be sooo worth it! Good luck! :)
  • Good luck with the rest of the process.  I agree with pp--you don't have to do it all at once!  I'm sure your new home together will be even better because the two of you will fix it together.
  • So have you actually purchased the house? Or was this an inspection that took place before signing the papers?
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  • The whole house thing is so frustrating. We had a home inspection and everything came back fine so we bought it. Only to move in and have all these little problems pop up. The fridge stopped working...our centeral air ducts are filled with water and leaking out of the ceiling vents! Urg. But really its all worth it in the end. Having a place to call your own and make it yours is such a great feeling. Don't let it get to you! Everything will work out. We looked at SO many houses! We started looking I was pregnant when we moved in our son was a month shy of being 1! haha! It's a LONG, frustrating journey. But it will all come together! Good luck!

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  • I agree with some of the pp'ers. You should see if the seller are willing to fix some of the "small problems" or maybe one of the "big" problems. It never hurts to ask.

  • I know EXACTLY how you are feeling! We just bought our house 2 weeks ago.  It was a foreclosure with many many problems, but great potential.  Right now, we have the kitchen gutted, wood panelling removed from everything and bare walls, 2 disgusting bathrooms ripped apart.  It's SO much work, but I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it when it's all put back together.
    Good luck! Feel free to vent because I am right there with you! Plus I cannot make ANY decision regarding the wedding! What stressss
  • Thanks everyone!  Just typing all that up helped a bit.

    Unfortunately it's a government forclosure, so it's being sold "as is."  There's a few things the bank might be willing to concede on (the bigger items I'm most worried about), but almost all of the fixes either suggested by the inspector or required by the city for occupancy are too minor for the bank to care about.

    Kat~ We're out of attorney review.  We got the inspection to make sure there weren't any problems.  We're due to close at the end of January (assuming we come to an agreement on concessions and stuff).  If we do close, it's going to be a very busy spring/summer trying to finish planning and fixing the house!  I joke with FI that he'll take care of the house and I'll take care of the wedding and we'll meet at the altar in September! Laughing
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