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September 2010 Weddings

Flower Question

Ok, so I'm getting married next September and I want to know what flowers you gals are using (that are in season around the end of the month). I will go to a florist and ask, but I thought you all could help me too :) I know what flowers I like and want, but they may not be available to me at a decent price. Thanks.
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Re: Flower Question

  • I don't know much about what's in season, but we're using hydrangeas and they are pretty cheap.
  • we have a heavy dose of Sunflowers and daisies :o)

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  • We're using blue hydrangeas (CPs), yellow spider mums (arch), yellow and white daisies (arch), white and yellow cymbidium orchids (CPs, bouts, corsages), white and yellow callas (bouquet and FI's bout), yellow mokara orchids (CPs), and blue delphiniums (CPs)
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  • What flowers I'm using? Fakes. I don't know anything about flowers, I knew what I wanted and going this route allowed me to use anything without having to worry about cost. :)
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  • In Response to Re: Flower Question:
    [QUOTE]we have a heavy dose of Sunflowers and daisies :o)
    Posted by Ferdy2584[/QUOTE]

    this is what we are using.  and we got a wicked deal on the sunflowers from a local farm :)
  • We're having White hydrangea, Mini green hydrangeas, white stock, white roses, greeen roses, green cybidium orchids, thats all I can think of right now.

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  • In Response to Re: Flower Question:
    [QUOTE]What flowers I'm using? Fakes. I don't know anything about flowers, I knew what I wanted and going this route allowed me to use anything without having to worry about cost. :)
    Posted by steffiel[/QUOTE]

    This. Well, sort of. My MOH made them all out of paper. They're cool as hell (if I do say so myself).

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  • We're using zinnias and dahlias from my mom's garden, sunflowers and gerberas from a local farmer's market, and mums for outdoor decorations.  We're in Northern New York though, so you might have different options since it looks like you're from the South.
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  • I'm using roses, spider mums, and lisianthius, along with some smaller mums and stock flowers.  Ranunculus also come into season around August/September.
  • for CPs and bouquets we are doing bougami orchids, dendronium (sp?) orchids, white asiatic lilies (that's what the florist called them but I think it's also called stargazers), tye/thai leaves for the CPs, stephanotis for my bouquet and FI's bout.
  • early in the month here, at the beach down south, so in season might be realitive, but we're using snap dragons, hydrangeas, roses, zinnias, dahlias.
  • We are using real to touch roses they are fakes but look and feel real
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  • i have no clue about what flowers are in or out for each season, but we're having all gerber daisies (fav flower) and it's relative cheap.
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  • I have no clue what's in season either, but we are using gerbera daisies and lisianthus and a few sparse callalillies.


  • roses and gerberas!
  • I'm in Canada so don't know if that makes a difference but we're using red roses and white calla lillies. Florist said that they were a fairly inexpensive choice.
  • Roses, carnations, dahlias (if price is decent at the flowermart), whatever else will look good in pink and white in a bouquet.

    One of my aunts and uncles is paying for all of our flowers. A friend of my aunt is putting everything together since she does this as a side job. I told them what flowers I liked and to use her creativity.
  • Hmm...we're using hydrangea, orchids (cymbidium and dendrodium???), gladiolas, roses, stephanotis...that's all I can think of! I let the florist pick what she thought would look nice & wouldn't be hard to get!

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  • We are using black baccara roses (deep/blood red).  My florist said that roses really don't go out of season, so prices didn't vary with season.
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  • we're going down to the Pike Place Market (huge public market in Seattle) a few days before and buying tons of whatever yellow, orange and blue flowers are available. Also we're ordering some hydrangeas from Costco for our bouquets.
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  • Celosia, Intuition Roses in Hot Pink (They look tye dyed), and Pom Dahlias COOL textures in hot pink and bright red.
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  • I went to pick up my flowers today and they were running low on curly willow - they are on their way out of season.  I just got lucky and took what was left.  Would have sucked if I missed them.
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