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September 2010 Weddings

Think you're spending too much on your wedding?


Re: Think you're spending too much on your wedding?

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    All of that sh!t isn't even necessary. I hate people. Let's see how long the marriage lasts.. well, unless she follows her mother's rule of thumb to "stand by your man" (even if he cheats on you 3928473 times), I guess they'll be together for life.
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  • I agree, $50k would make an amazing wedding for me.  As it is, I think it will be the nicest wedding for the relatives on my mom's side of the family in quite awhile.  Not sure about my dad's, since I wasn't invited to the last one (although she's coming to mine, grr.)

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  • LauraM--this will be the nicest wedding my FI's entire wedding has ever been to--so I want it to be perfect.  the invites alone got them all talking...but it is my side that i really want to impress--one of my cousins got married 10 years ago in HA, flew most of us out there, had vera wang custom make her gown, the RD (for all guests) was hosted by bill gates and miss USA sang at it...etc.  i have a lot of living up to do on a fraction of the budget.
  • Ya know, after I posted this, I thought to myself, I pretty much am having the wedding of my dreams. 

    FI's family has some pretty nice weddings I think.  But I'm hoping mine is the most fun classy wedding they've been to.  Wink
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  • My favorite part is that Chelsea's wedding is so big, even the President is going on tv saying he didn't get invited.

    Wait...isn't our President supposed to be worrying about other things than his Secretary of the State's, daughter's wedding?
  • I hope that one bride who is getting married in the same town as Chelsea does have a nice wedding.She has made her complaint nationally that she hopes her guests can make it into their ceremony and reception as streets will be blocked and security is going to be high.

  • I don't see anything wrong with it.
    1. It is their only child.
    2. Most important, it's their money
    3. People spend their money on the things that they want and that they can afford.

    Just because people have money to spend lavishly, you should not judge them and feel that they should give it away. If that were the case, none of us would be planning any kind of wedding event and would give the money to those less fortunate than us.

    I wish her the best of luck.
  • It's their money except for the secret service part. Our tax dollars are probably being used towards their security and privacy. If I had millions of dollars I wouldn't spend it on my wedding and that's just me.
  • First of all.. I could care less about Chelsea's wedding. Though, 3-5 million is a bit crazy. But.. whatev. If I had that kind of money, I'm sure my wedding would cost more than what we are paying.

    Speaking of what we are paying... my mom made me add it up last week and we are close to 35k. I wanted to throw up a little bit. Even with 35k.. I still don't feel like it is enough because I want to add a few more things. FI doesn't help. He says.. we are already spending x amount, what is another $200. *Sigh*... My friends all think that my parents are paying for it... but they are sadly mistaken. My parents gave us 10k.. which was amazing.. but the other 25k is us. Don't know where it is all coming from in the next month.
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  • Chances are they had a really greedy wedding coordinator. I am sure people woudl disagree with me on this but I have a feeling a good deal of the lavish extras were more the vendor and the coordinators doing. I am sure the Clintons said to do what was needed to make their daughter's day special and make their guests happy and comfortable. They are extreamly busy people and probably did not have a hand in picking out the restroom accomidations, or look at price comparison of the different tent options. That was the coordinators job to do that.

    Just my opinion. =)
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  • I do agree with you girls, it's her business if she wants to blow the money on her wedding.  God knows I am the same way about cars, but that's my thing.   I don't buy shoes, I buy mods.

    My initial intention though, in posting the link, was to make everyone feel BETTER about how much they were spending on their own wedding.  God knows it made me feel like my budget wasn't so crazy after all.

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