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September 2010 Weddings

Just thought you ladies would enjoy this:

Transcribed from my facebook today.

Me: is up early-ish for a massage and some WR goodness...but my puppy dog is whining at me to come back to bed! As if it isn't hard enough to get out of bed in the morning!

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Me: WR goodness got postponed due to yuck roads caused by the weather. :-( At least my dog is still adorable!

One of my BMs: WR? WTF is that? Wedding Rubbish? Wedding Rehearsal? Wedding Rodeo? Wedding Racketeering? Wedding Ralley?

Me: Wedding related as opposed to NWR not wedding related. It's a knot message board abbreviation. I like the wedding rubbish one though...that's clever.


Anyways, the WR plan was that my BMs and I were going to the bridal shop so they could all get measured and order their dresses, but it's a nice central location that's equally ridiculously far away from each of us, and the snow covered roads were non-conducive to our plans. I just thought my BM's guesses at what the heck I was saying were really hilarious, and that you all would get a kick out of it!
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Re: Just thought you ladies would enjoy this:

  • I was a knottie who liked this ;) Everyone else just does not understand! lol .. Her abbreviations are pretty clever though.
  • That's great!  Whenever I'm emailing or on FB or anything I always start to refer to FI as... FI!  I'm like, oh, I probably shouldn't do that! 

    I do like the wedding rubbish!  Sometimes that's how I feel!!! Laughing
  • dude--that IS funny!! Even your BM's can't understand Knottie Lingo LOL HAHAHAHAHAH
    See-- we DO have a special place with each other ;oP
    I haven't facebooked today but if I did I would have liked it :o)

    Datsyuks & Ferdy- We Go Together Like...

  • Agreed, some TK abbreviations are just easier.  I think FI is the one I almost use the most often.  And I DO say BSC sometimes...there's a sewer drain near my work that I pass most days with a big 'BSC' stamped on it and it always cracks me up.
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  • hahah nice! thats a good one! I too have to think about NOT using KNOT lingo... No one understands! 
  • I was also a knottie who like that...
    I find it hilarious that your BM tried to figure out the abbreviation. I have to make sure I don't use them b/c A LOT of my people would not get it at all..

    I heard BSC in a nickelback song... Umm.. can't think which one right now though. :)
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