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September 2010 Weddings

How did you pick your date?

Just wondering how everyone picked their wedding dates.  I haven't been on the board as long as many of you so please forgive me if someone has already posted this.

Our date it 09/19/10.  We got engaged in March of 09 and wanted at least an 18 month engagement to be able to save money for the wedding.  FI was laid off shortly after he proposed, so our decision to have a long engagement was a good one.

We knew that September was the perfect month for us.  I did not want a summer wedding because I hate the heat.  So, we had our month, next task to pick a date.  My grandparents anniversary is on September 16 and they were going to celebrate the 49th anniversary around the time we were getting married.  I thought that getting married around that date would be perfect as a tribute to them.  So we picked 9/18/10.  Unfortunately that date was booked at the venue so we chose 09/19/10. 

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Re: How did you pick your date?

  • We got engaged early in '09.  We knew we wanted a September wedding, but already had a trip to AK booked for last September, so we picked '10.  We originally were trying for September 25 to try and get the fall element with leaves changing, etc. but our venue double books weddings on Saturdays and we didn't want to deal with that.  To get around it, we did Sunday of Labor Day weekend to make it feel more like a Saturday and we get the venue all to ourselves.

  • We were originally going to get married in July of 2011, but moved it WAY up since my sister got accepted to go into the Peace Corps and leaves in the middle of September. Labor Day is a three-day weekend and we have a lot of folks coming from WAY out of town, so it made the most sense to have it on the Sunday for travel purposes.

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    i wanted good weather (HAHA, fvck you, earl) and i thought of when i used to go to college, the weather was always the best when i first went bck to school around labor day.  i also wanted a date where a lot of people could travel, since people are coming from all over the country, so a 3 day weekend seemed to make sense :)
  • Well I actually wanted a October wedding. But my venue was completely booked for October Saturdays and I didn't want a wedding on ay other day of the week so the next closest thing was the last weekend in September (25th)!!! And i'm happy I did it because here in TX it rains in October alot.
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  • FI really wanted to get married in September. We both really wanted to get married at the shore, and in order to do that and not spend five trillion dollars and have your guests be able to find accommodations, you can't really do it "in season."

    So 9/25 it was!

  • Fall is FI's fav. season and it's not too hot and or cold in Jersey and not much rain either. (i hope I didn't jinx myself) I also have a lot of OOT guests with little kids so I figured if I did it during school season they wouldn't be able to come lol.
  • We decided we wanted to get married when "It's not ungodly hot or ungodly cold".. so it was either this fall or next spring.

    I had always envisioned a September wedding since we met in September, and we picked the date our venue had available.  Which happened to be 3 days after our "anniversary" so I'm thrilled with it.
  • FI and I became engaged in February 2010. We were going to choose a summer 2011 wedding in Hawaii. However, after thinking and talking it over with each other, we decided to keep it local so our family could witness us become husband & wife. FI has Mon. & Tues. off of work and when he asked one of the managers his manager couldn't give him a straight answe to have a day off on a weekend. So anyway, we chose his birthdate which is 9/13/10. Non-traditional but whatever, it's our day.
  • Our date totally chose us!  Our dating anniversary is November 25 th.  We got engaged Christmas 08, which was exactly 25 months that we had been dating.  We knew that 2009 would be too soon, so we went with 2010.  The only Saturdays with a 25th date were September and December.  So it made things really easy!  I also turned 25 a couple weeks ago, so I'll be 25 when we get married on the 25th!  So excited!!!
  • We were engaged early 2009, and we wanted to wait until this year, spring was too soon finacially and I wanted August but FI said it would be to hot, so we decided on September, we didn't want the first two weekends for many reasons and so we came up with 9-18 :)
  • We didn't want it to be too hot or too cold, so we were thinking September or October, and this was one of the few dates available in those to months.  Turns out it will still probably be pretty hot.
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  • We started seeing eachother Sept 18, 2009.  So one year later was a sturday we went for it we both knew this was what we wanted
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  • We met July 2009 and got engaged in January. We wanted an outdoor wedding and here in Southern Oregon - the only months to do that without dying from 90+ degrees were June, Sept. or Oct. June was too soon -- and expensive. Since my birthday is in October, we chose September. We couldn't have Labor Day weekend because my brother's sister-in-law is getting married then and the 25th was out as well. Left us with either 9/11 or 9/18 - so we picked 9/18!
  • We got engaged August '09. I knew I wanted a spring or fall wedding simply because of the weather and the spring was way too soon to plan a wedding especially since I was finishing up school so I figured the fall so I could save up and be settled so we picked September. I kinda wanted October but way too many birthdays early on and I didn't want a halloween wedding so we decided on 9/25.
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    we were engaged in Aug 09, and I was hoping for a spring 2011 wedding, but FI pleaded that we have a fall wedding, and fall 2011 seemed too far away. We agreed Sept in Seattle is gorgeous (most of the time) and were open for any weekend in Sept. The venue decided the date, since it is located in a park that hosts concerts in the summer time, and who wants to have a ceremony that is overshadowed by ruckus music?! the last week in Sept was the first weekend where there wasnt a chance of there being a concert conflict, and Sundays are less expensive than Saturday or Fridays. Thus, Sept. 26th, 2010!
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  • I chose the month based on flowers available.  I wanted either March for daffodils or September for sunflowers.  We got engaged in January 2010 and didn't really want to wait until 2011 to get married.  So we chose September.  Our venue (on a college campus) was available any weekend after Labor Day, but we didn't want 9/11 and students move in 9/25 so 9/18 was perfect.  Then we realized that 9/18 was almost exactly a month before our 10 year anniversary, and 9 and 18 are multiples of each other (we're big nerds), making it easier to remember.
  • 9/25 is the closest we could've gotten to our anniversary date (9/22).. the Saturday before (9/18) is J's birthday, we weren't fond of using 9/11 and Labor Day weekend just wasn't really ideal. So, 9/25 it was. We also love September.
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  • Our wedding day is our 10 month anniversary.  That's really all we were thinking of, and we were lucky that everything else fell perfectly into place!
  • we got engaged sept 24th 09...we were planning on an april 11 wedding but i couldn't wait so i thought why not just one year later...sept 24th 10 it is!

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  • We wanted a fall wedding, and wanted to have it outdoors.  We decided that October might run the risk of being too cool in Northern NY, so we went with September.  We knew that one of the first weekends in Sept. wouldn't be great because of my job, and our venue was available on the 18th.  Decision made!
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  • We picked our date because we knew we wanted it in September. We also knew 2 people we really wanted there and it really depended on their work schedule. So we chose 9/18. It has a nice ring to it. We're happy w/it :-)
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  • FI aan I got engaged March 21, 2009.  I knew I wanted a Cape Cod wedding by the water and FI agreed.  September is the most gorgeous month of the year down the Cape - the weather is unbelievable and the light is amazing.  FI thought September 2009 (6 month engagement) was too soon so I reluctantly agreed to September 2010.  For awhile I was thinking of switching to April 2010 but it's too rainy and I couldn't get September out of my head.  All summer months were out for the Cape because there are tourists around and I didn't want my guests to compete with Cape Cod tourist season.  My parents also got married in September. 

    Labor Day weekend is the last big tourist weekend of the summer on the Cape, so we avoided that like the plague.  September 11 is touchy to FI and his family, being from NYC.  So September 18 it was.  Don't think I couldn't have waited ONE more week for the 25th lol
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  • We were planning a larger wedding for May or Nov 2011. Then FH decided to test the waters about transfering to my state. The local manager said " call me when you get married" So instead of waiting until next year to find out if he can come here, we decided to move up our date.

    Since we are a LD relationship our vacation time is precious. We picked the first three day weekend that was coming up to stretch the time off. Labor Day weekend also happens to be my birthday weekend. I turn 28 the day after we marry.

    We are crossing our fingers that his transfer will be approved!
  • We met the end of May 09, got engaged Aug 09, and fall is our favorite time of year, so we thought September would be perfect.  We were originally going to get married Labor Day wknd, but it was too close to my parent's wedding anniversary (Sept. 2nd).  Also, we fell in love with a venue and by the time we could book it the only day left available in Sept. was the 11th.
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