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crap there's a minimum number of guests at my venue we can't meet

So I’m a dumb a$$ and NEVER thought to ask about a minimum number of guests at my final venue (The Best Western Hotel in NH).   Long story short, originally we thought we would have about 130 guests so that what we told our coordinator, but it was flexible if the number went up or down, price per person would go up or down etc.  Never had to sign a contract for x number of guests or more or that we could guarantee x number of guests or more.  NONE of the literature for the venue however states “prices based on x guests or more”.  We have a great package of cake, DJ, limo for 3 hours, hall, full meal minus appetizers and 2 tux rentals for x per person based on 100-125 guests or higher. Turns out that after we cut down our guest list to save money and weed out people who really SHOULD be there not just hey you were my friend in 5th grade or a 3rd cousin twice removed I haven’t seen in 8 years come to make mom or FMIL happy we invited about 110 guests…perfect knowing that we would lose a few, but not assuming 25% of the guest list. Now with just about all of our RSVP’s in and verbal confirmations from other lingering guests (RSVP deadline is Wednesday the 18 next week) we will have about 80-85 guests plus 5 vendors we have to pay full price as a guest no vendor meals (that sucks) so what a max of 90 but really about 85 or less as we have at least 3 guests with bad health problems who may drop out by the 10 day get your numbers to the coordinator deadline based on where they’re at health wise on that day. Our coordinator is checking with her manager if we can pay more per person in lieu of the 100 guests.  Either way I think we’re effed, I don’t want to pay for 100 guests and not have someone physically sitting there, but at the same time if the price goes up a lot we’ll probably pay like there were more guests right? Our invitations were printed professionally and they have the August 18th RSVP deadline on them.  FI thought about a few Army buddies he can invite, but literally I  haven’t met these people in the 4.5 years I’ve known him.  I really don’t want to pay for people who only want to have a reunion with their friends, not us.  FI barely has contact with them other than a happy b-day on FB or something so it’s not even like he’s that close with these people anymore.  Even with them regardless, we can’t find another 15.  We won’t lose our package thankfully, but it is based on 100 guests or more. So what should we do?  I’m so pissed here I was excited that we were going to save money with less.  Since nothing states a minimum number of guests can we fight the cost increase?  I don’t want to be a PITA but wtf?

Re: crap there's a minimum number of guests at my venue we can't meet

  • I would definitely fight the increase.  How can they say that now if it's not in your contract???
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  • If nothing states a minimum guest count in writing, I don't know how they can make you pay for a minimum of 100 guests.  For the people with health problems, I would probably reserve them a seat so they are welcome if they are up to it.  I would only pay for the number of people that you give in your final guest count.
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  • Ugh, that sucks.

    We have a minimum, which we might not make, but we've known that from the beginning and it is very clear in our contract. If it isn't in your contract I think you definitely have a strong argument against having to pay.
  • i can come as a guest to your wedding if you want, i'm right up the road in VT :)
  • yes look over your contract T&C's again and call them out on this and fight it. At least if they won't accept their mistake, maybe you can meet somewhere in the  middle of the price.
  • if you cant meet the minimum you should be able to upgrade your menu or bar ect to make up the extra cost 
  • I am also getting married there!!! PS I am about 3 people short of our minimum... were just buying  a few extra meals. And there's some mixup I think with cousins coming or not coming, so we may not be 3 under.
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