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September 2010 Weddings

Dispicable Me!

Those trailers are so annoying/cute, but anyway. I am dispicable because even though FI told me that ALL of the groomsmen had been fitted, I thought it was too good to be true.

So I happened to be at the mall this morning, dropping off my e-ring and wedding band to be soldered/re-dipped (why the f not?) and there was Men's Warehouse. So I thought, couldn't hurt to go in and...double check, right?

Well, there's liars 'round these parts, folks—either FI or the GMs. FOUR. FOUR of them have not been fitted. There are only 7. That means only 3 have gone. HAHA I really don't care, I know they will eventually go, but I also know that they're 2 weeks away from having to pay the rush fee, but I am saying nothingggg. They're on their own. Easy breezy bride, right?!

Mwa ha ha hahahaha

Re: Dispicable Me!

  • haha it was the same with us!  we had 4-5 that havent been fitted, so I got on their asses and told them to get fitted, because after next week, I'm going to get called from men's wearhouse asking me why so and so hasnt gotten fitted yet!  so when 2 of the groomsmen told me they got fitted, I told them, "good, cause I didnt want to go bridezilla on your asses."  All that is left is the best man, who is waiting till the last possible minute cause his 5 year old son is our ring bearer and they want the tux to fit him...and it's good cause he went through a growth spurt this summer!
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  • hhaha i love it.  i hope they have to pay late fees.  i really do.  i also really want to see despicable me.
  • I seriously love you!! I have to take Zach thereon saturday to pick the colors out and get everything done since next weekend is his bach party!! I hope they all go in time if not oh well thats not going to be my problem!!!
  • Here's some perspective for you....
    We have 7 GMs plus the FI.

    They haven't even decided for sure what they want to wear.  Arguments flutter between wearing ridiculously expensive tuxedos and brown blazers with jackets.
    They have no plans of figuring it out anytime soon.

    Our wedding is 36 days away and at least one GM will be in China for a whole week before the wedding.

    Wanna trade?

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  • Nooo! Alicia you are a very strong woman hahahaha
  • Cleo7Cleo7 member
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    My FI has been saying for 3 months now that he's going to to get fitted.  We stopped in ONCE to look at colors, I picked out my top 3 preferences and said it's up to him which one he goes with.  Still nothing. Fortunately, it's only FI and his brother.  If they wind up wearing nice suits instead of tuxes, it's fine with me.  Just no ruffled shirts, please.
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  • Luckily, FI has his own tux.  He's going to get his son fitted today, which is no easy task:  he's 6'5", 280 lbs.!  His father and my father already have their own tuxes, which is great, so only my three brothers have to worry about getting tuxes, and FI said for them to just get basic black tuxes with white shirts, black ties, and no cummerbunds.  I am all about making things as uncomplicated as possible, and so is he, thank God!
  • For those whose FI and groomsmen haven't been measured, they only need 15 minutes of their time at Men's Wearhouse to do this. My FI's rental cost $145 or so (since he has dress shoes). My Men's Wearhouse told us that they can get measured up to two weeks prior to the wedding date, they just have to pick up the suits/tuxes 2 days prior and try them on in the store to make sure everything fits.
  • WAIT, only 1 of our 5 groomsmen has RSVPd and bought his clothes.  of the other 4, 3 are literally MIA because of their jobs(leading outdoor wildlife expeditions all over the world)--no addresses to send invites too, no cells to call and get/give info, no email access.  those three have not checked in with me on wedding stuff since early may, and i have NO FAITH in them (stoner hippies)that they even know when the wedding is and that they need to be here, ready to go, in 35 days, earlier preferably.  

    and the shirt we picked for them to wear is discontinued.  

    beat that, ladies.
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