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September 2010 Weddings

Sept Fall Themed Wedding?

Do you think Sept 10, 2011 would be a good day for a fall themed wedding?

Re: Sept Fall Themed Wedding?

  • I was married on 9/18 and tried to go for a fall theme.  As PP said most people didn't seem to consider it fall (I think some wait until Oct or the leaves change at least in New England).

    I would stock up on fall stuff now because it will be hard to find before your wedding. I got wicked cute wreaths from Target last min (literally 2 days before the wedding) with leaves and red/orange/yellow fall color leaves to use for centerpieces they looked fantastic.  

    I would just stick to fall colors.  I've been to weddings in the summer wear girls wear dark colors, you just have to do what you want
  • Thanks for the advice. I think we are actually going to move our date to the end of september so it may work out.
  • I am having mine on Sept. 10 next year and it is going to be a fall themed wedding! Even though the leaves haven't really changed yet, you can do whatever colors you want! It's close enough to fall. 
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  • I was married September 24th and it was 87 degrees!
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  • We got married that same weekend this year and it was completely fall themed :):)  Everyone loved it!   You can see pix here: http://blog.hk-photography.com/NicoleandBrian.html
  • Im getting married 9/17/11 and I asked around about this issue too! Luckily, September weddings can go either way.  The option to be able to do a summer or fall theme is one reason that month is becoming increasingly popular.

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