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Charity Donation

So I know a lot of girls on here are doing a charity donation in lieu of a favor. How do you know if it's a legit charity? I want to donate to a foundation where the money will go into research for either liver cancer or hepatitis C. My grandparents had Hep C from living in Vietnam and had liver cancer due to Hep C and utlimately died from the symptoms of liver cancer.  I found one place it's called hepcfund.org but I wanted to make sure it's legit before I give them money.

Re: Charity Donation

  • try using charitynavigator.com to see if its reputable and how they use their funds
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    you can also probably check bbb.org.  they have a section on charities, so you can see if they have any issues with them and what their grade is.
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  • greta thanks guys!
  • okay I just tried both of them and the chairty wasn't listed on there now what?
  • if the charity isnt listed I would be leery.  It means no one really knows about them so its hard to know what your guests' money will go to...
  • This looks legit to me:


    Check it out. I'm also doing a charity donation -- St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Both great causes!
  • http://www.liverfoundation.org/howtohelp/donate/

    There's a link directly to the donation site. There's a phone number listed you can call to get more info. I know St. Jude's is sending us beautiful bookmarks with our name/wedding date on it. Maybe they have a wedding program you can ask them about as well?
  • I work for Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and I used to work in the fundraising sector of this hospital. You could always donate to a known hospital like Sloane Kettering in NY and maybe direct it towards Liver Cancer research. I would look into that, they may also be able to provide you with stationary that states what you did in lieu of favors.  I know our hospital charity (The Jimmy Fund) does that.
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