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Hello, October 2010 Brides (and, quite possibly grooms as well!)  This is my first Knot post EVER, so I thought I'd introduce myself.1. You and your fiances (FI) name:My name is Jacki.  (Hi!)  My FI's name is Wes. 2. Your wedding date:We're getting married October 2, 2010.  The year mark is quickly approaching.  :) 3. Wedding location/venue:Our ceremony is being held at our small church in Lansing, Illinois.  We're both very involved there, and it hold so, SO much meaning to us.  And because we're both in the worship band, we get to use the church and everything in it for free.  So, bonus.  LOL.  The church itself is kind of "ugly" - it was built in the 1970s and you can TOTALLY tell.  But we love it for so many other reasons.The reception is being held at the Wicker Park Social Center in Highland, Indiana.  It's just a short drive from the church.  It's downright <b>lovely.</b> 4. Engagement storyThis is a very, very long and elaborate story!  Long story short, I was completely surprised on the day before my 27th birthday.  He wrote me a song and performed it for me at our church.  And it was INSANELY romantic.  If you are a sucker for sappy stories and want to learn all about the engagement story in detail, I have posted it to our wedding website! (Link *should* be in my sig.)Anyway.  I SO very look forward to getting ideas, inspiration, and advice from all of you.-Jacki
Jacki and Wes ~ 10.2.10
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