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F/U to Prayers Needed

So I just got back from my sister's. She seems to be doing better; the pain meds don't seem to be knocking her on her ass and the antibiotics seem to be helping reduce the swelling.
They think that her first doctor possibly left a few infected cells in her sinus cavity after her accident 9 years ago and it developed into a cyst that has grown and that this is why she has had severe pain on and off this past year. Her eye is almost swollen shut but its getting better. We were able to take her two kids to a halloween party and on a haunted hay ride last night.
Thanks for all the prayers!

Side note:
DH and I adopted a puppy Saturday morning and I got our pro pictures from the wedding!!! Yay. When DH gets home we will pick our favorites so expect a PIP heavy post sometime tommorow :)

Re: F/U to Prayers Needed

  • Glad to hear that she is feeling somewhat better. Thats awful about the first doc. though. Hopefully she will be able to get some permanent relief soon.

    Cant wait to see more pics!! And pics of the new puppy!!
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