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October 2010 Weddings

Shutterfly - decided I want to do photoshare cards. Help?

So I just created a Shutterfly account. I'm at home and want to give myself a project to keep busy today. What do I do once I create the account so that it will be easy for my guests to know what to do when they sign on to upload pictures?

Re: Shutterfly - decided I want to do photoshare cards. Help?

  • What I did was create a new "Wedding Guest" account with it's own login and password (separate from my administrator one). That way, anyone who doesn't have an account already and doesn't want to sign up for one doesn't have to.

    My photo share cards say:
    • Go to http://MrandMrsXXXX.shutterfly.com
    • Site Password: XXXX
    • Click “Pictures & Videos” at the top
    • Click on “Click to add pictures from Shutterfly” or “Upload new pictures”
    • You will need to sign in. If you do not already have a Shutterfly account and do not wish to open one, please use this generic wedding guest account in order to upload photos:
    •      Email: [email protected]
    •      Password: XXXX
    • Go to ‘Pictures and Videos” and upload your photos or albums! Name your album so we know who it is from.

    There was a good poston Wedding Bee about it and the comments at the end helped with a lot of trouble shooting for me. I don't have the link anymore but the title of the post was "Shutterfly Me" or something like that.

  • I did the same thing as Karen.  I didn't want people to have sign up for anything so I created a new account and gave them the email address and password.  I figure mine and FI's friends will do it, maybe a few of my co-workers, but probably not a ton of people, but it does give me a chance to order any of the ones I like and give everyone a chance to see photos that others have taken. 

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  • Do I create a "share site" on there oh just an album and title it Wedding?
  • My only concern with doing it like the above is when people want to order prints -- if everyone is in ONE account, might someone accidently order photos and have them shipped to the wrong address or with the previous person's credit card?

    Does shutterfly do group rooms? That might be better. ??

    With snapfish I created a "Group Room" and put the info for that and the password on my cards. People can log in with their OWN account and upload photos to the group. Anyone can still view and order prints from anyone in that group - but through their own account.

    Just a thought.

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  • I created a Share site. Then people can create their own albums if they want-- Like "Kristen's wedding pictures from Dad" or whatever. I have to update the main page still and put a few pictures on. I wanted to include pictures from my shower but my sister sucks at uploading pics from her camera in the same century they were taken :)
  • Share cards for my share site:

    Guests can upload, but not edit any of the website stuff.  As for signing up for an account, it's like three pieces of information... they can do it :P


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