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NWR: halloween plans?

anyone doing anything for halloween this year? are you dressing up?

I looked all over for a costume that would cover my butt since most of the women's costumes in the stores are skimpy. I'm a plus size gal and I don't feel comfortable in a costume that is low cut and super short and tight. Well...I ended up with a unisex costume. I am going as a crayola crayon lol. The thing is loose and goes all the way down to my feet so it's far from skimpy.

Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against girls who wear the tiny costumes...I just don't feel comfortable in them.

If I was crafty I would just make my own costume.

so what about you guys?

Re: NWR: halloween plans?

  • I was a Weight Watcher for two years before I felt comfortable enough for a women's Halloween costume.  It's nuts, really.

    I have a Robin Hood outfit this year.... DH is going as a bride.  (Pics in the thread above!!)  My BIL/SIL have a huge party every year, so we'll be headed out that way in about an hour.  :)

    Jacki and Wes ~ 10.2.10
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  • We were invited to a halloween party, but we're so exhausted from running around all week that we're just having a horror movie marathon at home and I'm making a nice yummy dinner of baked ziti and garlic bread :)

    Pipe down, you had your chance!

  • We're hanging out at home tomorrow night. No big plans for us. Just hanging out at home, watching tv and eating a home-made meal. Plus since Ryan needs to be in bed by 9 (gets up at 5:15 for work) it limits our evening plans. 
    Kristen & Ryan | 10.10.10
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  • We were invited to a party tonight but I have a cold booo. So just staying in. Tomorrow I am going to make a pot roast, relax and pass out candy to all the kids.
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  • We'll be in Vegas at 1pm tomorrow!  I can't wait to find a nice spot to people watch.
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