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    edited December 2011
    I confess I just stalked my BB&B registry and there has been a few things taken off :) yay!  I know that my aunt was going to get these drying mats for me, and she got me not only the one I registered for, but 2 more! haha. She was RAVING about them yesterday, and after I told her I registered for one she was like I am SO getting you them, and giving them to you at xmas.
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    edited December 2011
    I confess, I went out shopping today, and bought mostly for myself.  I got my mom one gift and my brother two things, everything else was mine.
    I confess I bought myself the cricket but I think I convinced my mom to give it to me for Christmad.
    I confess I have already cheated on my cleanse, because i did not like the shake and fell asleep instead of drinking it so not I am hungry.  DH did get frozen fruit to add to the shakes so tomorrow should be better.

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