HI there, sorry just saw your comment below about Kleinfeld and PS dresses... I don't get on here all that often anymore now that my 1st anni is coming up :)

They pulled about 10 dresses for me and I don't believe I tried them all on, but at that point they knew I had been shopping, knew what I was looking for, and what fit my shape (A-line).  I also had seen a few on the website that I was interested in and asked to see one of them, even though it was higher than my budget.  The only thing about going there (and especially if you've seen Say Yes to the Dress) is that there is a pressure to buy.  It's kinda like buying a car :)  For us, we knew that it was the final stop so it was even tougher to say no, however, they were going to make a muslin on the gown and make a custom bolero (see bio for more info on that process) which the place in Princeton wasn't going to do.  So for me, it was really about the complete package and I felt like I could trust them to make it fit me perfectly and it was my dream dress.

I would recommend them 100%, but you just have to go in with the understanding that it IS a high end salon and you won't be able to put on dozens of gowns like you would at other places.  They are truly experts and you have to allow them to make selections for you, where at other salons it is much easier to browse the racks yourself.  As long as you go in there without any unrealistic expectations, it's a great place to have lots of PS samples at your fingertips.

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    Aw congrats on your first wedding anniversary coming up!  I love two or three dress there.....that are specifically in my budget.  I'm not worried about pressure to buy if it's something I adore.  Thanks for the review of them for plus size brides.  I've just been dreading having to start shopping since my chest is always always an issue.  I'm having my wedding shoes and jewelry made in NYC so I figured while I was up there if they have enough dresses to try on then I'd happily schedule an appointment.

    I love the show Say Yes to the Dress.  I do understand the consultants issues with girls coming in just to play dress up and that are not even thinking of purchasing a dress.  I wouldn't go into a store and try on clothing or shoes if I had no intention of purchasing anything.  Thanks so much again!!
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