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    kay, so I just kinda sounded it out as I said it, and I guess it is wooder. But wudder and wooder would sound the same, so... yeah. It's just not wahter. (How FI claims the rest of the world says it.)
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    (I say wahter.  I also went to school where they would criticize the way I say home, phone, moon, spoon, and any other word that has an o in it.  Because I apparently I put an eh sound before the o.  It's called the Pennsylvania Moon?  idk.  I had a whole class on it.  It was called The Training of the Speaking Voice.)
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    I'll be on for a couple hours tomorrow. :] But FI has to work all afternoon. Oh well, at least he was able to get an early shift, so he'll be done at 10pm instead of 1230am like usual. Then we're gonna go to Buffalo Wild Wings or something and get wings and some beer and watch the ball drop 'cause we don't have cable.
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    My best friend, Michelle, her brother is throwing a party so I am going to that.  There's gonna be a lot of fun, drinking and food (they're Irish Catholic), I always have fun at their parties so it's gonna be a blast :)
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