First Vent - with less than 2 wks to go

Just received a phone call today from the owner of our catering company that our event planner just quit!  We have been working with her for over a year now and she is basically running my life for me right now.  Had a minor breakdown at work - not fun!  Hopefully everything will work out in the end, but hard to put all that same trust in someone that I've never met and doesn't know me like she did....and with less than 2 weeks to go! 

Re: First Vent - with less than 2 wks to go

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    :-( it stinks that this happened, but I'm sure who ever they hire will be able to take control. Request to meet with the new DOC at your venue to go over everything you had already gone over with the new chick to make sure she understands what you want.
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    I'm sorry that happened.  I agree with BP to just schedule a details meeting with the new person.  Bring any lists or emails of things you had discussed with the old person.

    Praying for patience for you!
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    Sorry that happened! I agree with everyone else. Especially about bringing documentation of what you discussed with the previous planner especially if she promised you something not in the contract or to do something they normally don't do.
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