July 2012 Weddings

7 Months to go July 21st brides!

Who is excited? Who has a lot left to do? THIS GIRL!!!

How about you all?
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Re: 7 Months to go July 21st brides!

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    YAY! I def am happy with my progress so far but since everyone says how fast it's going to go, it makes me feel like I have no time at all!
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    I feel pretty good about where I am at, until I look at my list! and then I start freaking out a little bit! SOOOO much to do still!!! :) 

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    I'm done with all the major stuff!!  All that is left are invites, time lines, rehearsal dinner stuff, WP gifts, playlist, must take photo list...and that is about it among a few other minor details!! EEK!
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    Omgosh I didn't even realize what date it was! Holy crap!!
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    YAY thanks for reminding me!  I have pretty much nothing to until we get closer to the Spring.  My MOH and I will be assembling my invites over Christmas break, so that will be a nice check for me.  I'm going to take a wedding break and enjoy the holidays!
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    YAY! I really haven't done much...I just have the dress,  venue, reception(which also includes catering and tuxes) and photographer so I'm a little behind but now that this semester of school is over I can get cracking :) 
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    Time is moving fast and I am halfway through everything some days I feel like I have got a lot done but when I look at the to do list its like my mind goes into over drive and my wheels gets moving again!  LOL

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    I have it all done in my mind, officially that is a different story. We decided on a simple ceremony and the reception of immediate family and close nit friends will be at the restaurant. So I don't think that I will have a whole bunch to do.  Oh yeah, finding a dress would be a good idea.  But I plan on going to look after Christmas as I will be on vacation from Dec 23 until January 3.
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    I have to start thinking about flowers.  We need to order my dress and pick out my attendant's dress.  We also need to get invitations and the stuff I need to embellish them.  It doesn't seem like a lot, but when I look at the checklist it does.
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    Super nervous!!!
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