Hey Ladies,

I'm looking for balloons for a friends bridal shower but dont live in the city.. I was wondering if anyone had any advice? Do they usually blow them up for you or would I have to get a helium machine as well? Do they deliver them?

Any help would be a big help!!!

Re: Balloons!

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    ButtonsPepperButtonsPepper member
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    Any place will blow them up, or leave them deflated for you to do so, if they sell balloons. Party city's and any type of place like that has them. I know by my parents Party Land and Bargain Warehouse both have balloons and offer to blow them up there, you just need a car big enough to transport them.

    I'm sure if you call you could even rent a tank from them to blow them up on location if you want a ton and can't transport them any other way.
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    I know that there is a balloon lady in the suburbs who will deliver balloons for a party.  Maybe there is one in the city that you can locate.  Some flower shops deliver baloons also.
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    PhillyGal34PhillyGal34 member
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    if you are near suburban station i think the florist downstairs does them and dollar tree has some too!
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