Kimberton Inn?

Does anybody here have any opinions regarding the Kimberton Inn?  I went to see the inn yesterday and absolutely looooved it.  Any positive or negative experiences there?
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Re: Kimberton Inn?

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    I've eaten there once and it was quite nice.  
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    I used to work there back in high school. Although I didn't care for the owner/manager's personality(just towards his staff) he does run a great restaurant/venue.  He is very detail oriented and trains his staff to be the same way.  The downfall is the main room can only hold up to around 120. The food is delicious too and you don't have to have your guests pick their meal choice prior to the wedding day. If you have any other questions let me know!
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    I visited the Kimberton Inn as a possible wedding venue. When I arrived with my best friend who is also my MoH, a man whom I assume is Jeff Effgen asked us to sit on a bench behind him as he was finishing with another bride. I assume this was his name after looking it up online because after he was done with them, he turned to me, said: "You must be Kelly" and never shook my hand or introduced himself. After that, he looked at my MoH, who is a month older than I, and made an insulting remark about her age, guessing her to be my future mother-in-law. Within three minutes of walking into the establishment, he set a very uncomfortable tone for the visit.

    Throughout our meeting, he asked lots of questions which he then guessed at my answers and then responded to them himself. The conversation was completely one-sided. He kept 'quizzing' me on things such as number of chairs I would want for my guests but before I could answer, he'd go off on a tangent about how long he'd been in the business. This happened four times for this specific question. When I finally answered him, he went into a lengthy explanation of why I was silly to request the number of chairs that I had.

    He then began asking me about my menu choices. I explained that I didn't want a traditional sit-down dinner. He began asking and answering his own questions on this topic as well and then abruptly told me that he had carved out two hour for me to explore the venue but since he didn't think I had the stamina to discuss my wedding plans any further, he was going to let me go for the day. When we asked to see the main dining room again, he motioned for us to go alone.  When my MoH asked for a packet of information to take away with me, he responded that in all his years in the business I was only the third person to request a non-traditional wedding and he had nothing to offer me in terms of written information. He then referenced my 'lack of stamina' again and told us to holler if we needed anything. He picked up a table and walked away from us.

    We saw him as we were leaving and as I tried to thank him for his time and engage him in further conversation, he began to whistle and walked away.

    This was the first venue that I visited. I felt entirely disrespected and completely depleted of excitement when I walked out the doors. At one point, we thought we were on a prank show. His demeanor was absolutely off-putting.

    Don't waste your time. There are plenty of beautiful venues close by (I liked DuPortail House) where you and your vistion will be respected.

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