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NWR; Share your favorite Android apps!

So I just joined everyone in the year 2010 and got a pretty nifty phone (the HTC Evo) yesterday. I'm being ridiculous with all the apps I'm getting, haha!

For anyone with an Android phone - share your favorite apps! What should I get??

Chrissy & David -- 10/10/10

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Re: NWR; Share your favorite Android apps!

  • Handcent - for texts. It has a really clean layout and you can skin it.

    LauncherPro- its a home screen replacement. You may not want it since you have the sense home screen instead of the regular android home screen.

    Where- You tell it your location, or you can use GPS and it will tell you the weather, news, traffic, stores, and movies in your area. You can also call them right from the app.

    Battery Indicator - It adds the amount of battery that is remaining in the notification bar

    Opera Mini - Another browser. It has tabbed browsing and I love the feel of ti over the default.

    Spare Parts - It tells you what has been using system resourses. Every once in a while, i will download something that is a complete battery hog and it helps me find it.

    A good website to look for apps is appbrain.com. They also have an app.

    Heather And Stephen


  • Lookout -- an anti-virus, data backup and missing device locator all-in-one

    Paper Toss -- something to kill time

    Toddler lock -- colorful shapes and musical sounds... perfect to entertain a little one

    Scan Life -- barcode/logo scanner... will take you to manufacturer's website

    Shop Savvy -- barcode scanner that will help you comparison shop (both locally and online)

    PdaNet -- but only if you want to tether to your computer and use your phone as a modem... Android doesn't actually support tethering, but the app developers have worked around that... you get a two week trial, after which you can buy a license for like $25

    I have a moon phase widget... cuz I like to know when to expect the crazies!
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